Quality Translation

Since the Soviet Union set the average rate for technical translation – 1 page of standard text in an hour. This rule and is now used in many companies. Per page is considered to be a text consisting of 1800 characters given number of spaces. However, through the pages of unique, because we can produce it in terms of the original material, and you can look at the already converted and processed version. I think, to explain that, depending on the language text in connection with specific fonts and explanation of features, the volumes vary by the number of pages, leaving the contents of the same is not required. As a rule, even under different conditions of use translation software is prohibited by the employer, which increases the rate for a client interested in an adequate translation, corresponding to the actual meaning of the material.

But different operating conditions can be detected at different types of work. Staff writer and freelance translator may have the same focus on translation of the same text, but deadlines vary considerably. The main problem is that the staffing interpreter to process the material has a certain number of hours allotted by the employer under Labor Code and amended by the association of control over transfers. Freelancers also have to neglect standards for the fee – pay for their activities. Sustain the pace is already difficult enough, but it is rather the importance of the company, not the customer who looks forward to its quality. A similar problem for many Translators turns occupational diseases – fatigue, insomnia, nervous disorders of different nature and, of course, problems with vision. To avoid health problems, which are unquestionably lead to poorer performance and reduce its volume, the translator should keep its forces and agree to urgent orders no more than once a month.

For this case, translation bureaus should have several tens of workers. Usually, urgent orders bring additional income in the form of allowances, but I repeat again and say that this job is difficult enough, but because it remains a private matter. It should be remembered that the translator's work in later passes through several stages of editing. Urgent transfers officially does not differ from the ordinary, because editing is taking place in the same vein, that is, the editor will not correct those errors that do not should have been, and simply report to superiors that the translator does not meet the requirements of the company. The editor is to adjust some of the terms and style of the translated material, and no more order. Normal operation is considered to be an interpreter translated 2.5 pages per day of text on technical topics. On individual characteristics of each person spends different amounts of time to perform the same task. There option to warn customers about the two-term performance – a minimum of technical terms and the optimum in terms of product warranties. According to some professional translators, however, hourly development is not an indicator of skill, and bring their own productivity and efficiency of translation can only be collecting statistics for several months of work, calculating the average values for the various periods: the day week, month. There are special forums translators, where they communicate on topics related to their work. Very often form pairs who simply share their experiences and help each other in a specific order. This issue individual and can be solved in a private conversation with a discussion of all possible and impossible conditions. More info: Somatic Experiencing. As a pre-estimate the amount of translation?

Indian Ocean

Malaysia, we somehow feel no summer destination. Although in reality the temperature conditions of the South Asian countries do not differ from the usual for us in Turkey or Tunisia. One of the most popular holiday destinations Malaysian island of Borneo. 13 hours flight away from a third in size island of the planet, which lies in the Indian Ocean and bordered by four seas. Borneo has it all: the local tribes who adhere to their customs and ceremonies, the jungle, huge caves, unusual fruits and amazing flowers.

There is a national park on the island Kinabalu, Danum reserve, caves Gomantong. In Borneo you can improve your health in the thermal waters of Hot Poring source and see the largest flower raffleziyu world. And believe me the news about it will not know. Malaysia a country where summer reigns forever. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has firm opinions on the matter. It is never cold, even in the rainy season which lasts from November to February.

Rain is over and again the heat. But we need to tune in to the high humidity, which reaches 80-90%. In Borneo wonderful wide beaches, shallow sea near the shore with a flat bottom, so the children swim safely. Hotels, as Typically, bungalnogo type, located between the palms and other tropical vegetation. Cardiologist takes a slightly different approach. Very interesting excursions in the jungle river by long, narrow boats, where you'll learn a lot of news about the outlandish world of nature. K River animals come to drink, and from the pond to you glancing crocodiles. Worthy of compliments and Malaysian cuisine with surprising flavor soups, plenty of exotic fruits and vegetables, delicious sauces and fresh seafood: fish, shrimp, lobster. Who has ever tried these dishes will never forget the taste. Cuisine of Malaysia is one of the exotic and the most popular in the world. But all the dishes are very sharp. If you want to stay young, to support natural beauty sure to try the wonderful fruit called a nut Rong. Unlike already available to us pineapple, mango, lychee and rambutan, Rong nut can only be found in Malaysia. And in any case, do not try to bring it home: the export of this fruit is punishable by law. Cost of a week vacation in Malaysia from $ 1700 per cheloveka.Pri any use of the article direct active link to topnewsstock.com required!


Surgery – an area of clinical medicine that studies disease and injury, which are treated with chiropractic (manual) or instrumental (operational) methods. Dr. Mark Hymans opinions are not widely known. Surgery is developing these techniques and regulates the conditions their safe and effective use. Surgery consists of these sections – private (cardiovascular, abdominal, neurologic, endocrine, thoracic, and others), emergency and general surgery. Direction Development of modern surgery is a minimally be applied to trauma patients. This area of application is based surgery using endoscopic techniques, or, in other words, the endoscopic Surgery, which includes the carrying out of surgical operations with the robot. The word 'surgery', translated from Greek, means "rukodeystvie." Such a literal translation means that the earlier understanding of the surgery was of purely practical nature, ie surgery was seen as a branch of healing and treatment methods which were carried out only by hand or with tools. In our time of surgery of the original understanding, existed before, has progressed and developed into a self-sufficient, one of the leading, and medical disciplines.

Surgeon now need deep knowledge of the biological sciences that underpin all modern medical science. Proceeding from this surgery is both a science and art. The main purpose of surgery is to help the patient, and for that of a surgeon requires the ability to use all the technical techniques, and whether it will be bloodless or bloody surgery is no longer essential, and this is art. In modern surgery uses the principle of the synthesis of practice and theory. Using in their daily practice work of theoretical subjects, in turn enriches their own surgery facts and observations obtained during the operations, which, in turn, are experiments on living human being. This interaction between experiment and clinic in any medical discipline is not this more apparent, as in surgery.

Weight Loss Tips

Many people believe that starting a diet means deprived of food. However, it is not, since, to lose weight, we need to ingest nutrients that enable the body’s balance. Extreme diets are not recommended by professionals, as they may adversely affect the functioning of the whole organism. The first thing we consider is replacing meals per day (not delete). This means that we pay attention in the food we ate until then, and tell us about the nutrients that will be incorporated to keep us healthy and promote weight loss.

It is also necessary to mention the importance of exercise to keep fit. Combining a balanced diet with physical activity, will allow greater results in the future. On the other hand, is very important to see a doctor before beginning any type. We will be more favorable than the opinion of a specialist. So here is imperative to highlight the necessary combination between a healthy diet and physical activity. However, if you want to lose weight in a simple way, we must heed the following advice: First, we control the food we eat daily. In this respect, it is essential to observe the nutrients our body needs to incorporate. A recommended method is to observe the food pyramid.

Thus, we can assess which foods can harm us and what not. Another aspect to consider is the amount of times we eat during the day. It is advisable to make five meals a day. The variety of foods that we consume in order to achieve our favor. No food again so soon prevent us bored during each meal and, in turn, is a good way to vary within the diet. It is also important to control the amount of food consumed. With willpower, we try not to overdo the intake, and even more, if it is fatty or low in nutrition. On the other hand, as already mentioned, physical activity must be present. Only need to start modestly with the routines and then increase the pace going.

Green Party Nerve

People commonly mentioned that has pinched nerves but, what is a pinched nerve? To answer this question it is important to know a little about the spinal cord and the types of nerves that can pinch. From the brain to the spinal cord and beyond nerves extend from the brain by the arms and legs to send messages to muscles or skin. A nerve that portion of the column to go to the arms or legs is called peripheral nerve. Peripheral nerves are bundles of millions of nerve fibers which leave the spinal cord and branch out into other parts of the body, such as muscles and skin. For example, these nerves allow the movement of the muscles and skin sensitivity. The nerves carry signals throughout the body a peripheral nerve is like an optical fiber cable, with many fibers enclosed in an outer sheath. Learn more about this with Ultra Wellness Center. You can imagine each fiber as a microscopic hose. The green part of the hose is a thin membrane where the static electric charge can travel from or toward the brain.

Inside the hose transports liquids from the body of nerve cells that feed and return to fill the ever-changing components of the Green Party, or membrane. If the nerve is pinched, the ascending or descending flow within the hose is reduced or is blocked, which means that the nutrients are no longer flowing. Finally, the membrane begins to lose its healthy capacity to transmit tiny electrical charges and the nerve fiber can finish dying. When one sufficient amount of fibers stops functioning, muscle may not be collapsed and skin may feel numb. What causes a pinch nerve? Nerves can suffer clamping when exiting the column by a herniated disc or bone spur caused by spinal arthritis. Another common place where pinching can occur is in the carpal tunnel.

This area is a bottleneck through which pass all the flexor tendons of the toes and the median nerve must pass towards the hand. Regardless of where it is clamped the nerve, neck or carpal tunnel, the patient often have similar symptoms that your hand falls asleep you, since the brain can’t distinguish between part initial, middle, or end of the nerve. It only recognizes that it is not receiving the hand signals and so begins the numbness. Symptoms of a nerve pinched a nerve pinched in the lower part of the back usually feels as if it is irradiara per leg. Again, the symptoms that the person experiences seem to travel towards the leg along the usual way. This is the basis of reflex pain. Commonly, a muscle spasm in the back comes with a pinched nerve and can be very painful. Here, Somatic Experiencing expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Sometimes the nerves can pinch and unique symptoms are numbness and weakness in the arm or the leg, without pain. Pain relief by a nerve pinched a nerve pinch can be treated with medications, physical therapy, an injection of cortisone or surgery. The goal of treatment includes: 1. reduce inflammation of the nerve shrink swollen tissue to its around 2. Mobilize the nerve through the scar tissue that he may have been developed around (e.g., by chronic inflammation) 3. Enlarge the road which passes nerve 4. Delete a disc or bone Spurs that pressed nerve.

Gender Identity

Gender is relational and refers not only to women or men, but relations between the two (definition given by instraw.org). Gender equality means that men and women have to become the same, but that their rights, responsibilities and opportunities will not depend on whether they are born male or female. American feminist thought "invented" the concept of gender in the absence of an appropriate instrument to express the reflection on gender. According to Seyla Benhabib (2001) means by gender "construction differential humans in female and male types. Ultra Wellness Center is likely to agree. Gender is a relational category that seeks to explain a construction of a rate spread between humans. "Every woman and every man will internalize the culture in which they live, the idea that culture has on a woman or a man, and it will to incorporate in their own lives.

The concept of gender identity is a multifactorial and multi-process. Morales JM (2000) conducted an exploration of the sense of gender identity, understood as the basic and comprehensive psychological feelings associated with sex itself, according to Janet Epence model postulates that gender identity has to less than four dimensions: the sense of personal identity instrumental and expressive traits connected with gender stereotypes interests, role behavior and attitudes whose contents point to gender D. After sexual orientation research clarified the following theses: a) Determine whether there are differences in the type of statements expressed in terms of gender. / It highlighted the relationship between gender identity and biological sex b) To investigate the effect of age on the statements made.

Fernandez Valenzuela

May not arrive for prosper of Antoni Asuncion as socialist candidate for the Generalitat proposal due to lack of collateral. Still less that of Fernandez Valenzuela to the Mayor of Alicante. But the mere fact that both have made evidence true boredom of militants before the perennial political inanity of his party. Former Minister of Felipe Gonzalez explained it to

You can leave now in Madrid with Tomas Gomez against Trinidad Jimenez and might explain in the same key political victory of an unknown Rodriguez Zapatero before Jose Bono and more domestic scale, that of Joan Ignasi Pla on the then favorite Jose Luis abalos. The bad thing is that winners reproduced then the defects of its predecessors, imprisoned them all diabolical partisan dynamics of intrigues, transactions and agreements. This curse not has been able to escape nor Jorge Alarte, frustrated and last hope of regeneration of the Valencian socialism. Clear that the intrinsic perversion of this voracious and growing partisanship is not exclusive heritage of the PSOE. What else would like some! Also the suffers from the PP, sick of the same evil, only that to not show it replaces any internal electoral debate by the handpick imposed from above. The common denominator of the usual absence of internal democracy is the professionalization of the politicians, who have become a well paid job legitimate vocation towards the public thing. What could make many of them in the private company but thicken the lists of unemployment, lack of a clear job training? Few leaders have having emerged from Socialist Youth or new generations of the PP and that, without having never dampened in real working life, they continue to live party 10 or 20 years later! A well meaningful example could be the number three Socialist, Leire Pajin, no known occupation and whose last activity contained in an official photo is thanks be laughing to the Cuban dictator Raul Castro. By the huge contrast posed with that suffocating usual world of political alicortos and compromising, that people appear with professional life resolved, as Asuncion and Fernandez Valenzuela or, in his day, Rodrigo Rato and Manuel Pizarro in the PP supposed to open a window of air cool the apparatchiks of the parties are preparing to close in haste will not alter its status quo and could put at risk the loggerhead soup that take each day carried out by taxpayers.


One knows that there is asthmatic that induces their crises by the simple fact of anxiety of to have forgotten the inhaler in house. Its effect on the allergic reaction is complex, but it has been able to be observed even in the cutaneous tests that they are realised to detect the allergies. In relaxation state, the test cutaneous is much more negative that when we are put under stress. On the other hand, certain neurotransmisoras substances of the vegetative nervous system exist, like the histamina or the adrenalin, that plays a very important role in the development of the allergic symptoms, as well as in the processes of nervousness. They say that to eat and to rascar, everything is to begin, for that reason it pricks more to us when we put ourselves nervous. In fact, the anguish with which we received the allergic process is, sometimes, the cause that helps to maintain it and to magnify it.

The primaveral allergy denominates generically fever of the hay and mainly affects to the respiratory tract and the hazardous mucous the air. The hay is any dry plant, generally of the family of the pulses, who serves as I graze or forage; that is to say, one is not about a plant in himself, but many different species. The problem is that the pulses occupy 20% of the vegetal surface of planet, reason why its limitation is impossible. The turf or the cereals, besides the majority of grass, is pulses. The connection between antigen and antibody can bring about damages in weaves, especially in the skin, the mucous, the lungs and the gastrointestinal tract; that is to say, there where there is major mucous surface, although they are, indeed, the mucous the route of capital elimination in all the allergic processes. The most frequent allergies between the majority of the population are rinitis, the eruptions of the skin, the conjuntivitis and the asthma. Serious the allergic reactions are rarer, although they can lead to the death of the individual.

University Bond

Savers can sell savings bonds prematurely – 95 billion euros set German savers in savings for up to ten years so far savers premature return fees and penalty interest rates or expensive interim must accept checkout – German savings bond market makes commercially these savings bonds – for savers within a maximum of six days of good news for millions of German savers who have invested their money in savings bonds and savings bank letters of German savings banks, cooperative banks and banks. With the newly founded German savings bond exchange, they receive a new flexibility for this very popular in Germany and trustee Festgeldanlage. 95 Billion euros set German savers after the latest Bundesbank statistics in savings bonds with a maturity of up to 10 years. Savers were instructed, so far largely on the goodwill of the banks if they needed money before the end of term, now allows the German savings bond Exchange under sparbriefborse.de sale to private or institutional to record or to exploit high-yield credit framework. To the detriment of savers who actually have the money would now but have to pay expensive interest rates to bridge. German savings bond market: consumer protections apply financial market the German stock market savings bond purchases savings bonds and savings bank letters of the approximately 2,500 credit approved in Germany by the federal financial supervisory authority (BFin). A savings bond is legally tradable, savers receives an offer calculated taking into account interest rates and remaining maturity within three working days.

Savers accepts the offer, he will receive from the purchase price within three additional working days. Not cost him. Managing Director Bjorn Meschkat particularly important is that the German savings bond exchange offers its services in the sense of the consumer. For this reason, it has Prof. Dr. Kai-Oliver Knops, Professor of consumer protection at the University of Hamburg and New Council of of consumer member of BFin as shareholders can win.

Underestimated Danger

What you need to know about disability, and how you can secure disability is is a very unknown term for many people in Germany. But every fourth professionals is already berufsunfahig regular retirement. Unclear is however often when it is considered berufsunfahig, which causes and consequences has a disability. In addition, the State in the event of an emergency offers little financial protection. What is disability and what causes has she? A disability exists when a worker due to an accident or a disease less than three hours a day may pursue his profession. The causes are many: steadily rising is disability as a result of mental illness.

Meanwhile, nearly 30% of documented cases on a depression are due a burnout syndrome or schizophrenia tendency rising. They are followed by physical ailments such as herniated or tendonitis (approximately 18% of BU cases). But also heart/circulatory problems and cancer are often cause. Strenuous occupations such as roofers and nurses are particularly vulnerable physically. But even professions that little on the body such as commercial jobs are immune from disability.

Here, psychological stress are main reason for a disease first and foremost. The disability must be determined in each case by a medical certificate. Dr. Mark Hyman does not necessarily agree. What does the State disability? A disability is determined, the State disability pension should intervene and absorb the resulting loss of income. However, the disability benefits for most recipients is barely sufficient and therefore viable. Because only about 30 percent of the previous gross salary is taken over by the State. The pension gap is extremely to the part. At a gross salary of 2,500 and a net amounting to 1,500 he gets Berufsunfahige for example, in the best case 750 State support. There are 750 to missing therefore previous net salary to reach. The pension gap means a significant loss of own life quality for most receivers. In addition to the physical or mental suffering, which has led to the disability, the State disability pension barely enough to maintain the hard-won standard of living? Going to the welfare office is inevitable for many Berufsunfahige without private pensions. The private insurance a must-have for every employed the State hardly helps to disability. The pension gap must be closed with a private pension. Here, a disability insurance policy should be completed. To to the gap in the example above in height of 750, a 30 year-old man with less physical exertion a good rate for example already receives 14 monthly net contribution (insurance coverage up to the age of 60). There but for the disability insurance some obscure clauses (waiting times, abstract reference), is a hasty conclusion of private disability insurance to dissuade. Therefore an independent consultant should be contacted before graduating, which explains all ambiguous terms easy to understand.