Especially digital. That's where you can instantly see what actions lead to the result, compare photographic image with reality, but after some time again to view and compare with the image of the visual memory. Well, so when a child looks at their own images in photographs or video at a rapid pace formed his "I – the concept" (the mechanisms of self-identification, self-knowledge and self-expression). All this is directly related to the development of the child. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Anita Dunn on most websites. An equally important aspect of personal development is an emotional kid development in general and emotional intelligence in particular. These factors contribute to success in schooling and self-fulfillment in adult life.

Not for nothing Diagnosis school readiness includes research 3 parameters – intellectual, emotional and personal readiness. Undoubtedly, mothers devote much attention to the development of emotion. But, unlike their fathers, they often underestimate the positive impact of stress on the development of Children's emotion. Yes, it was stress, because the ability to withstand stress factors caused by natural and necessary to man. No less important in our life and fear, within reason, of course. Ability to timely and adequately respond to negative emotions – an important skill that should be formed to develop emotional resilience of the child. In the arsenal of the parent must be a game in which the child needs (And want) to hide, escape, reflect the attack. These games are returned to the good ol 'days of mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. In the days when people knew how to use stress to their destinations.

Mushroom Benefits

About paths, where the topsoil is damaged and stir mushrooms growing more than far from roads. Frequent visits to mushroom beds, utaptyvanie and seal the surface layer of soil near the cities not only leads to a reduction, but also to complete disappearance of the fungi. After the burning of firewood and wood residues on forest plots longer appears lubricator, belyanok and other fungi. Loosening the soil, violating the integrity of threads of mycelium often leads not to reduce the number of fungi and to grow. For more information see this site: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Clearings, prepared for planting mushrooms is more than pristine areas. Damage and rupture of the mycelium are the appearance of mushrooms. What a way to select all the same? Presumably, the collection volnushek let's remain unchanged, that is to pluck only the cap. But tear the mushrooms with the ground, yet it is not necessary.

Need mushroom cut with a knife as low as possible to balance a large root does not rot and does not harm mycelium. Here, too, of course, has its own meaning. Above all, do not forget – should care of nature and especially to such wealth, like mushrooms. When collecting mushrooms should be guided by the following rules: Thou shalt not take mushroom infancy, in the basket did not increase, but after two or three days it will mushroom "in time", it will be nice and put in the basket, take the best mushroom, undercutting at the base of his feet, but not tearing off moss, which leads to drying the mycelium and the formation of bald patches, suspicious that might be harmful to health, avoid, taken fungus luggage in the basket, ridding it of litter: needles, leaves, earth, for the same reasons, collected mushrooms as soon as possible to let the processing: drying, salting, marinating, take mushrooms, which are well know as an edible, delicate, fragile mushrooms (russula, , etc.) during training camp if possible, keep separate from the large, Heavy fungi take mushroom "at the time, healthy – no signs of rot and wormholes, but not overripe, flabby, as in rapidly accumulate toxic, dangerous to the person of substance, if not familiar with the fungus and do not take it, then do not trampling: maybe it will take another amateur mushroom;.