Beat Managing Medical Center

The project company was able to maintain a single database management and records management with the help of "BIT: Managing Medical Center 8." Medical center "Aesthetic" was founded in May 2003. During the organization has successfully put into practice the exclusive copyrights and techniques that have helped to preserve the health of many people. The center offers a full range of medical care. Frequently cardiologist has said that publicly. Previously, reference to current accounting at the medical center used a spreadsheet and a notebook recording, most of the data processed by hand. It was time consuming and often error occurred collecting the information.

Company required a system allows you to create a common information space for the conduct of its customer base, accounting, analysis, and medical policies. As the foundation for the creation of an automated information system program is selected "ICE: Managing Medical Center 8", provides the following features: Maintaining customer base: store contact information about the client, user history, form discounts for regular customers; record clients: an interactive calendar entries with the map already assigned requests of patients and available staff time and equipment, keeping patient cards; inventory management: consider the range of storage sites, take into account revenues from suppliers, to monitor minimal residual materials and remind you to purchase; accounting services rendered and sales: building sales statistics for any period in by types of goods and services, by client and staff; cash flow accounting and payments to: consideration of cash and noncash payments, including working with health insurance policies; records of laboratory tests: possibility of testing in their own or third-party laboratories, a reflection of test results in patient's card; registration of contracts with customers: the existence of the program printed forms of contracts for medical services; Medical records policies: an indication of honey. policyholder and the insurance company in the card the patient. After the automated medical center was able to keep track of regular customers and provide them with discount with discount cards. In addition, the program has to consider gift certificates to provide customers with the opportunity to pay on credit and make payment in advance. At the medical center an opportunity keep track of the range of arbitrary characteristics (color, size, size, etc.) through the use of bar coding. Connecting the fiscal register has reduced customer service time. Experts BIT installed and configured the software and trained personnel, ensuring rapid start-up system.