Bluegiga Wireless

With a great product and solution portfolio specialist for wireless telematics and machine-to-machine technology m2m Germany this year comes to the Embedded World. In the framework of its international partnerships, m2m Germany in Nuremberg shows the latest developments and innovations in the field of wireless data transmission. M2M Germany presents several solutions in the field of machine-to-machine technology and shows 4-noks the latest products of its international premium partner HUAWEI Owasys and Bluegiga. HUAWEI: HSPA + and LTE modules for the automotive and M2M industry 4-noks: the wireless “plug & play” network on the basis of the ZigBee wireless standard for energy management, building and industrial automation of Owasys: Smart Bluetooth and WiFi access point at the power telematics platform owa3X Bluegiga: the new highly integrated radio module with WiFi, Bluetooth classic and Bluetooth smart with MU609 (HSPA +) and ME909 (LTE) has two embedded m2m Germany modules from Huawei’s new LGA family in the luggage, which are suitable especially for use in the automotive and M2M industry. Check with Mark Hyman, MD to learn more.

The ME909 module features quad band GSM and UMTS / HSPA +. The data rates in the LTE network are up to 100 MBit/s. Also, the eCall and A-GPS modules offer functionality, as well as a digital audio interface. In a question-answer forum Eva Andersson-Dubin was the first to reply. The modules have a very compact design and an extended temperature range. With these modules, HUAWEI supplemented his PIN to-pin compatible M2M product family to a HSPA + and LTE module. So can customers integrate investment safe and future – the modules into their systems and have to worry about long term availability or upwards compatibility. The “ZigBee connection” of the Italian partner 4-noks is a modular, bidirectional, wireless communications system based on the wireless standard ZigBee, which offers unlimited application possibilities thanks to its flexibility. The product, which shows m2m Germany at Embedded World, include all components of the network of the gateway, Repeater and bridges over various sensors for temperature, brightness, power and performance (smart meters) to sockets and relay components..