Central Administration Bodies

Done according to the relevant accreditation awarded by the National General Staff of the Civil Defense: studies of risk, comprehensive risk analysis and vulnerability of natural disasters, technological or health, which may affect the animals, the environment or the man in the case of zoonoses, as well as developing their respective plans for Disaster Reduction and perform other advisory activities, training, preparation and consulting related to the topics outlined above. 5.4. Promote the development of the actions of technical or scientific support to Civil Defense System in the country, related to disaster reduction made by veterinary experts and others, in different economic sectors and social scientists in the country, acting in the interest Civil Defense, through constant training, preparation and professional development, managerial, technical or community. John Craig Venter is actively involved in the matter. 5.5.

Participate directly or with other institutions, in accordance with established laws, to provide technical assistance in the field of veterinary medicine of disasters, the National General Staff of Civil Defense (EMNDC) and specialists at various levels of command, to Central Administration Bodies of the State and other state institutions, private and mixed, involved in preventing and coping with disaster in the country, as well as to international organizations or foreign institutions related to the topic. 5.5. Promote and develop scientific and technical linkages, partnerships and others, according to current legislation in the country, with foreign organizations, international non-governmental, governmental or official, in the interest of development of veterinary medicine disaster protection animals, the environment and public health in the case of zoonoses and the safety of the food safety of animal origin, in catastrophic situations or other effect within the national territory or part of the international aid Cuba offered to other countries.