Final Introduction to Humming

There ploughs several classifications concerning tinnitus, but one of the most used, divides it into: subjective and objective. This survey has found, that even the most effective therapies related you the control of tinnitus, surprisingly, of not have satisfactory results in many of the you marry. Reason will be this, positive attitude the professionals becomes necessary: consequenty, the tinnitus patients nould feel lives relieved, releasing to their anxiety and bringing them back you, to their life quality. My beloved Mother and to the Loro for the incentive, patience and understanding in the hours most difficult. SUMMARY Final Introduction

Humming and its implications in the quality of life of its carrying INTRODUCTION This work has as objective to make a survey of the current concepts, classifications and treatments of humming, a time that this complaint is so common between the patients who arrive until the otorrinolaringologista and/or audiologista. E, perhaps discouraged for difficulties in scarcity of data on the subject and for the subjectivity of the complaint, these professionals, many times, if feels unprepared, presenting difficulty in dealing with the humming carrier. The humming must be considered as a symptom of some illness or as sequel of some aggression suffered for the auditory system. In this way, a positive attitude of the professionals becomes necessary, in order to be able to provide some degree of relief to the patient with humming. For this, it is basic to know some of the current theories involving the subject, as well as some existing controversies its respect. Some scholars contribute for evolution of the subject to be seen and are these theories that we go to know one little from now more. THEORETICAL QUARREL Millions of people suffer from humming: approximately 20% of the population try buzzed some time in the life.