International Men’s Day

Much has been made of the injustices that have been committed and being committed against women in the world. This is a problem that leads to conflicts and protests, but why there is this imbalance?, Not inequality, because obviously men and women are not equal. First, one must understand the conduct for which the human being feels the need to master one or more other human beings, to meet their own objectives. From birth, through the tears, dominates their parents to get what you need, then discovers that the tantrum is a good method to achieve the desired, until he learns that not everything you get with arrogance, then use other more subtle to make their family, friends, classmates and after work, do your will, giving positive results sometimes, and sometimes not, but always with the intention of having power over others. Then he falls in love and seduction used to make the person chosen to accept a relationship, start a family and thus exercise its authority, which in some cases transcends its community, region and country, when that person is engaged in political activity.

This need for power, is equal for both sexes. In the area where they are, both men and women, being human, feel the need to impose their ideas, and if you do not is because they are limited either by themselves or by society. It creates a power play between people, setting standards, limits and behaviors are created in the brain, which are taken as innate and instinctive.