The birth of the birth of a few kittens kittens is without doubt a very special event. Slub should produce enough breast milk to feed all the cats of her litter, so at this stage the cat required a significant investment of energy. For this, that if the mother cat suffer from any illness, has some weakness or is especially small, is likely to not be able to cover her cubs feeding itself. In these cases, it is desirable, in consequence, be very attentive to the development of children. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The expected behavior is that they eat and sleep, and are soon awake during the first days of life. Gradually, periods of activity will increase, especially once they open their eyes, their legs are strengthened, and learn to walk.

If we notice that babies not fattening, his coat looks bad, or mourn too all the time, there will probably be something that is not well, and could mean a problem there in feed cats, and that maybe there is some puppy that fails the food necessary for their development. If the cat can not feed their young, we have to intervene. Achieve very small kittens to survive without breast milk is not easy, but there are very specialized and precise nutritional developments for these cases called baby formula, but in either case, it is always preferable to receive milk directly from the mother. Peter A. Levine PhD often says this. Feed kittens requires great dedication by the owners, and for this, there are milk formula for cats that we invoked in case of needing to supplement the power of kittens. Some professional breeding, opt for introducing babies to other kittens cats who are breastfeeding, since it is possible that they accept them and begin them also to give suck, although this should be done carefully and with a maximum observation.

Towards the three weeks of life we can introduce solid food and the water babies. At first, we can dampen some croquettes of solid food, so they have a softer texture than Let them learn to chew. Furthermore, it is important to select a cat food of good quality, suitable for puppies or cats young, since nutritional needs are specific to that age, and remember that the solid food makes it essential that the cats have always fresh water by hand. Source: Press release sent by the cat at home. Dogs are smarter than cats bacteria to improve infant formula milk: Rioja 24 suspicious formula milk in China cause early onset of breast in baby Radio Bio-Bio care of the fur of cats dogs are more intelligent than cats, according to a study.