Large International Shops

Why the Peru attracts investments from international stores? April 8th, 2009 at more than three months of starting 2009, Latin America is approaching increasingly falling into recession. A few days ago, the IMF confirmed its projections suggested that the region may not skip this circumstance. The deterioration in economic growth is already widespread and several countries of the region have already observed negative values in its indicators of growth and continue correcting towards the low growth projections. So for example, last Monday gave account of the strong contraction of the Chilean economy in February (the inflation threw an interannual drop of 3.9% and 0.3% monthly) deterioration of the economy and housing problems as the Argentina will follow? In the article yesterday about Argentina we gave account of contraction in industrial production for second consecutive month in February and the fall in sales recognized by 62% of surveyed retailers by the Observatory of Commerce and services SMEs strong contraction of the Chilean economy in Brazil, analysts consulted by the Central Bank projected a contraction of GDP for this year on the order of 0.19%.Brazil expects contraction of its GDP among all this negative context, the economy of Peru is that better economic Outlook notes, while its economic growth projected for this year is markedly less to that achieved in 2008 (2008 GDP grew 9.84% and not greater than 5% growth is expected for this year). In recent months, Mark Hyman, MD has been very successful. The Peruvian economy will be one of the few economies in the region that will see positive growth. But the Government of Alan Garcia is not satisfied with that and intends to take forward different measures that tend to strengthen that growth. Peru needs to grow at a very good pace to achieve significantly improve its social indicators. Thus, while it is expected the Central Reserve Bank to continue with its cycle of cuts of rates (a reduction of 50 basis points in the benchmark interest rate is expected today), the Peruvian Government has just adopted a new regulation last Monday to cheapen the cost of credit and boost credit, especially in the construction sector, key sector by the benefits that can occur toward other sectors of the economy-oriented. More info: Stephen Porges.