Natural Remedies To Quit Smoking

Prepare to stop smoking Quitting smoking is not easy and is likely to have tried unsuccessfully many times. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. understands that this is vital information. The first step should be the physical and mental preparation. Hay natural remedies for smoking cessation that used for four weeks before you stop smoking, will help you when the big day – his first day without cigarettes – you feel confident and prepared! One of the barriers which hampered the person trying to quit smoking, is depression and bad moods generally associated to nicotine withdrawal. Some programs to stop smoking, they recommend using prescription antidepressants before actually leave cigarettes and continue with them for several months. This has proved successful in helping many people. However, we recommend natural remedies free of synthetic drugs.

Avoid synthetic drugs unless absolutely necessary and if no other alternative. While they can help, synthetic anti-depressants can also cause side effects that make the most nicotine withdrawal difficult and may even make you start smoking again. People who are trying to stop smoking should be careful about their health and often feel that using a synthetic drug does not fit with this philosophy. In addition, synthetic antidepressants are expensive and require a prescription from a doctor. The problem with using nicotine to quit smoking nicotine patches, sprays and gum, are an important part of programs to stop smoking in trade remedies. Apart from the enormous cost to your pocket, using nicotine products to stop smoking also has a cost to health. Nicotine is a poison and is the reason why smokers are at risk for a wide range of diseases, some of them fatal.