There are many types of fungi – mushrooms, chanterelles, mushrooms, mushrooms, oyster mushrooms … in any area of the country the mushrooms – Mushrooms of the Far East, Siberia, mushrooms, fungi, mushrooms Maritime … often associated in our minds to something, tayaschim danger. And in vain. What is surprising is the appearance of a human fungus from under the ground or on tree bark, or on mossy tree stump.

What is the reason for this ambiguous relations of men to the mushrooms? Many consider them the divine creation, but there are those who say that their gift devil. Among scientists for a long time conventional wisdom that the fungi must be regarded as plants, and nothing else. But as their study revealed that they have no chlorophyll, so necessary plants, but they possess features that are inherent in living organisms. Moreover, the metabolism of fungi associated with the formation of urea, but they do not have the ability of plants to synthesize organic compounds from inorganic substances. Almost all of the presently known to science mushroom spores multiply, ie, Sexual mode of reproduction. So what is a mushroom? Unfortunately, scientists can not definitely answer this question.

Mushrooms – a distinctive drugstore nature. The beast in some cases, it is intuitively resorted to fungal drugs. Eating toadstools elk, deer and wild boars, allowing them to recover from cancer. Although descriptions of mushrooms are telling us that for people who fly agaric – mushroom inedible, as you see someone he liked and taste. For squirrels and hedgehogs harvesting of mushrooms for the winter – it's food and supplies, and pharmaceuticals. Our ancestors were closer to nature than we are, and also treated with the mushrooms. For example, morels served them to restore vision, with tinder treated tuberculosis. And on alcohol infused dried Veselka common was their cure for stomach ulcers and gastritis, as well as from various kinds of tumors. Many worms were treated with chanterelles and Ryzhikov, but did not forget about this excellent antibacterial agent, which is the mushroom boletus mushroom or white. List the medications the ability of fungi can be very long. Do you know what 'green kistevika' is considered to be the ancestor of penicillin. If necessary, you will be able without difficulty to find the desired photo and description of the fungus and in books and on the Internet. In addition to the medicinal effects, there is another advantage – the mushrooms are very tasty. For this reason, all new recipes with mushrooms appear like mushrooms in the woods (sorry for tautology).