New Patent Germination Of Osmosis Water Virtually Eliminated By

Hygienic stability for many osmosis caused hot discus ions repeatedly in recent years. Has years of experience with conventional osmosis plants showed that the hygienic and durable stability in many cases could not always be guaranteed. The resulting contamination is therefore not only the wholesomeness in question, but also the benefits of a water filter system. For the germination of osmosis of filter there are however several reasons that are perhaps not immediately recognisable at first glance, on closer inspection an AHA effect. By a unique strain of the plant with different input water germinated there is a contamination of the input filters. In conventional systems, they are not able to block bacteria. Osmosis systems are connected to a hose set with run-off and sewage piping.

Here it may be unprotected in addition a retrograde (rearward) germination. Germs make on the input side of the osmosis membrane, are not completely through the osmosis membrane blocked but colonize them first. The storage of water in a Voratsbehalter favored the nucleation in highly. The previous back-up filter commonly used on the market are not able to act as germ locks. In addition, all conventional filter with removable filter cartridges (so filter housing with filter cartridges separately to changing) have increased shipping germination potential when changing the filter if not absolutely hygienic proceed.

As in other countries of the world such as the United States is chlorinated this ver contamination can cause quite as German tap water health problems. By a utility model registered with the German Patent Office, this issue belongs to the past now. This product innovation provides in the QuickChange DuoKeimschutzanlage germ protection of 99.9999%, owns a 9-stage filter system and the proven ZARO water revival, as Thomas Wiedemann betrayed us by ZAROnews-interview. The QuickChange DuoKeimschutzanlage is the luster of the long and detailed research that Thomas Wiedemann has operated looking for the best to its customers. This plant is not only the newest and highest level of filter, the filter replacement is as simple and straightforward that you no longer want to stop, but is in addition also still amazingly cheap, what we can today say hardly a reverse osmosis unit. In our drinking water regulation are the maximum that may be included in our tap water is regulated pollutants. Although the waterworks are doing an excellent job, so only some of the 3,000 possible impurities with ceilings are prescribed in the drinking water Ordinance. Even if these substances in only very small amounts are included, there are pollutants that can undermine health in the long term. Filter your water so, otherwise your body of the filter. Contact: Thomas Wiedemann t v road 33 56593 Horhausen email: ZAROnews Antony Zettl ham Lake 7A 6330 Kufstein/Tirol