Prepared to “risk zones”

During the last meeting we took the theme of the computer desk exhibition shows the center currently Caixa Forum. the only thing that is better than need to be designed Specifically, the exhibition is called upholstery risk areas and includes the vision of several artists of different bar stools generations and backgrounds with the common theme to reflect society as a flexure taking the attacks of September 11th. For more information we have added some links school chairs (on the left bar) that describe a little more depth what we will have to find. cushions But for anyone who wants to participate most of this experience and form a more critical reviews office chairs and personal, you can read here the proposal of which I speak with some questions during the visit to the exhibition. “Going from the contemplation of the understanding can not understand contemporary art at a glance, using just a second, school furniture which is what we spend in our view pose in an ad in the newspaper or a billboard that serves me as a landscape nor is it worth a purely formal analysis: the only way to understand contemporary art is to move from analysis to the understanding (De Diego 2004) be willing to understand that artistic experience is something that requires our effort, our power of relation, our creativity, our knowledge. Because we are the ones that end and to accomplish this task, you dining chairs can not just contemporary. ” Perhaps M.