The film counts the history of life of a famous surgeon, arrogant, egoistic and indifferent to its patients, arriving to mention they to it as numbers, agencies, stream bed or for the disease who acomete.with its personal life sufficiently compromised in its relationships familiar.Everything starts to move later that the doctor perceives that simple tosse the beginning of the most serious illness, when it if it submits the examinations it discovers that it is with cancer. From this moment the doctor, starts to ahead demonstrate to fragility and anguish of the picture. Now it did not see more in the doctor condition and yes of patient, thus, he feels what he is to face the bureaucracy and the indifference of the medical professionals who are not compromised to the patients, she takes what it to wait for hours the result of an examination, what he means to be only plus a number, as it always treated the patients. Now it feels as its treatment was impersonal and aggressive.To the step that goes perceiving how much it is damaged as patient, dumb of behavior, also with its patients (Synopsis). Contact information is here: John Craig Venter. The people had always looked to the hospital for cure of its males and relief of its suffering, are about a search of relief, preservation of the life, restitution of the health and improvement of the personal comfort. But this problematic one of pain and the suffering is not a simple question technique, therefore the solidary scienter, fraterna and consoler more than depend an attitude on the character of what of the knowledge. Although science has contributed, for efficient solutions to the health problems, the human suffering says much more respect to the ethics that to the technique. According to dictionary, to humanizar means to become human; to give to condition human being; 1..