Social Commerce

Immersed in the timely topic of relations or human communications, we have seen how the implementation of new technology has allowed us to create concept to close to content distribution that allows us to create an interaction and social integration much more solid and educated. We can not miss this opportunity without stress as up to our habits of consumption are changing, generating an incredible presence of consolidated brands by adopting new ways of Internet Marketing to play to an audience much more demanding through the media or Social communication networks, since these companies have understood that he is not simply to have a presenceIt’s fostering relations with persons and variable quotas for consumption that represent. Facebook brings to life the need to integrate a fifth P in the mix of marketing people. And with the increase in social consumption, Facebook and social media in general, also enter a new C in the community, commerce. Although it may seem that we are progressing in the alphabet Here, from to F, Facebook represents an important platform to recruit and activate the social consumption.F-Commerce is the ability to execute transactions on Facebook without leaving the network or leverage the graph open through Facebook integration in traditional e-commerce platforms based on the site. And more important still, binds each transaction of the social graph. With each change, an update is transmitted to the source of news of their contacts.

Potentially, this triggers an effect social and ultimately, they can influence impressions and decisions at the time. E.g. Levi s presented a group of friends of the store on its website showing the jeans that have liked his friends. This introduces a model of peer-to-peer influence where we influence and are influenced by those in whom we trust. Levi s is betting on denim cotton than that more interact within their friends of the shop, more people submitted to She simply through our interaction. If it does not, creates a bridge between the web and the social content of Internet, and relationships, therefore the socialization of objects that we move to take action. The natural step for Levi s is to recreate an experience with the opportunity to create a store of friends on Facebook. There is a debate about why brands voluntarily sacrificarian traffic to your dot com.

I think that this is reduced to single points of contact which are connected to social consumers, both the consumers of traditional marks respectively. With social consumption, attention has its price and there are great advantages in catching the attention focus. I think that this will bring much fabric to cut, but the most important is that the new society in which we already share the presence each day requires greater knowledge, education, creativity, but above all innovation.