The advantages of a web page created in flash are multiple that we will discover a measure of each article. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn has much to offer in this field. First advantage: web design in flash can be of great visual impact for visitors, is more persuasive to the mind of the visitor that a simple html, flash has a great power when developing powerful web applications, fast in the load, with a great usability and persuadability. Here, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Does a website in flash in html and php in contrast does not consume so many resources to the server, why? With the web design in flash can make web pages will be charged according to the needs of the visitor, i.e. a single flash web page be loaded only once throughout the visit, throughout the visit the flash page load only the sections that the visitor from view, making this a fast user navigation and a minimum consumption of server resources and wide bada. Instead a HTML is a constant flow of data between the web page, your browser and the server, causing the owners of websites in html have many visits to your website and an accommodation with very few resources, as soon as to physical memory, bandwidth, and limitation of connections to users, this makes that they consume all the resources of his before the end of the month web hosting plan, making it an unpleasant experience for the rest of visitors.