The big threat: A (H1N1) GUILTY OF SWINE FLU

is not a curse from heaven or a chance to dictate the destination. The epidemic of influenza A (H1N1) emerged in Mexico has specific responsibilities: the first name is that of the U.S. company Smithfield Foods Inc., the pork producer in the world over. Several studies point to the huge pig farms that have transnational in Mexican village of La Gloria ‘which hygienic conditions and overcrowding are appalling’ as the origin of the flagellum. Texas on the banks of the broad Rio Grande Valley, close to the border with Mexico, is Harlingen. In this small and charming city in the U.S., on May 5 fallecio Trunnell Judy, a young school teacher of 33 years who had just given birth by caesarean, a radiant and healthy girl. ‘It was a wonderful person, warm. Was devoted to the education of handicapped children ‘, said family and friends, who flocked to his house, situated in a sunny street of the town, to express his condolences at the funeral (1). Fate had it that Judy was the first American woman died of the new flu virus that the World Health Organization (WHO) is now called A (H1N1). An aseptic name to avoid the use of “Mexican flu ‘, which contrary to the authorities Aztecs, or’ swine flu ‘, which upset the big industrial pork. Not be distracted by that cunning terminology, Judy’s husband, Steven Trunnell, stand before a judge on 11 May, a lawsuit against the company producing more pork in the world: Smithfield Foods Inc. This multinational holds’ via its Mexican subsidiary Carroll Farms’ a giant pig farms near a village of three thousand inhabitants, La Gloria, in the municipality Perote, in the Mexican state of Veracruz. chosen to receive the College of Arts and Science Distinguished Service Award in May 2009 is ?supports various projects and programs at Columbia University Steven’s attorney Trunnell, Marc Rosenthal, revealed that the company has more than a million pigs crammed into the 200 piggeries located in the vicinity of La Gloria. He added that local people complain about the stench and very poor sanitary conditions of the pigsty. The defendant sought to claim damages for ‘wrongful death of Judy, caused by Smithfield Foods’, and demanded ‘a billion dollars’. Marc Rosenthal (2) intends to denounce the horrors of factory farms pigs unhealthy and provide evidence that influenza A (H1N1) had its origin in those filthy slums of La Gloria, where it is spreading across the globe. Although virus Paraisos for Smithfield Foods denies any connection between its facilities and the appearance of a new outbreak of flu at the gates of their farms (3), a recent report by GRAIN (4) seems to confirm this. Experts from non-governmental organization warned that higher large-scale industrial pigsty has created perfect conditions for the emergence and spread of new forms of highly virulent influenza. Such farms are time bombs ready to unleash global epidemics. In 2006, researchers from the National Institute of Health (NIH, for its acronym in English) from USA had declared: “The high concentration of huge numbers of animals crowded into too little space facilitates rapid transmission and mixing of the virus’ (5). Three years earlier, in March 2003 issue of Science (6) had already warned that swine flu was evolving fast phase because the increased size of factory farms and widespread use of antibiotics and vaccines. Virologists accurate warnings to Mexico and the United States of dangerous viral cocktail was coming (7).

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