Although pparently simple, the venosa puno becomes complex for displaying the patient the great risks of contamination and infection, therefore this consists of introduction of a catheter in the interior of the sanguineous vase, thus injuring, the first barrier of protection facilitating the entrance of strange bodies in the organism. For the execution of this procedure the knowledge concerning the anatomy is indispensable to the professional, microbiology, physiology and pharmacology, beyond the adequate technique. A knowledge technician – scientific it is important to these professionals, since in a hospital environment it is possible to perceive that the great majority of the patients hospitalized during its internment makes catheter use to intravascular. Connect with other leaders such as cardiologist here. It is important to emphasize that different purposes and period of use exist, the use of this catheter can display the patient the diverse iatrogenias. The intravenosa therapy if makes necessary for the importance in the recovery of the customer, being thus it must be carried through of correct and satisfactory form for recovery and improvement of the health of the customer. The intravenosa therapy is of great medical importance for making possible to the patient a faster improvement, for being a procedure more I specify for the treatment and cure. At Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. you will find additional information. However the raised hypothesis and that it stimulates this project is the fact of the venosa puno to characterize 85% of the activities executed for the health professionals. Therefore we as future professionals of nursing that aims at the health for all, know that this carried through procedure of incorrect form can cause great males to the patient. In such a way, we understand that he has necessity of evaluation of the professionals in the execution of this procedure. The present study it aims at to evaluate if &#039 has necessity of qualification to the professionals of nursing in the execution of venosa puno Having as objective generality; ' To carry through study concerning the technique of venosa puno executed by professionals of Nursing of a hospital of the bahian west, searching to identify if the technique is being carried through of form correta' ' In the attempt to take care of to the study considered here in systematic and satisfactory way, the following specific objectives had been established: 1 – To observe as this being carried through the procedure of venosa puno; 2 – To evaluate the infection risks that can occurs during this procedure; 3-Identify which the factor most excellent in the risk to this infection.