Trivia: 2008 European Championships – Which Must In The Angular

Entertaining and exciting knowledge test about the EM 2008 – also for soccer lay a sure thing! For three weeks, State of emergency prevails throughout Europe. And the blame for this is a game that combines the people international: football! 2008 is the European Championship. Mark Hyman, MD has compatible beliefs. Countries such as France, Italy or Germany, but also Austria and the Switzerland send their best player in the game to win the coveted Cup. The beginnings of the Championship over 40 years ago were rather modest. And not represented the team at the premiere. The independent consumer portal has combined these and other stories of the Championships in an entertaining trivia quiz in the multiple-choice method, tracked down the most amazing participants, goals and records. By Sepp Herberger, about Franz Beckenbauer up to Oliver Bierhoff – all of those people have on their kind of football history written as the Championship 1960 was launched for the first time in life, which took place German national team not part.

“Waste of time” was coach Sepp Herberger. That the German team a few years later calculated against Albania lost the qualifying round is just as interesting as the fact that Uli Hoeness missed the most important kick of his life and thus caused the defeat of Germany. The current trivia quiz on offers also the football lay an equally exciting and interesting insight into the exciting world of football. The attached test allows you to check the newly acquired knowledge in a fun way. The correct answers are now available. This trivia is anyone on the sidelines, but provides exciting entertainment and fun during the first few minutes! Editor: Walter Brown / Patricia short