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“If a friend, acquaintance, cousin, neighbor, cousin kuala of my brother’s sister, writes about my sales small management company, I am buat duit already” shopping important corporate “and perniagaan can automatically be listed in wikipedia pendapatan ‘
No, because that friend or international that cousin melaka or friend would economy remain the marketing employer’s cousin. Self-promotion usahawan is understood in duit internet its broadest sense, not johor just talk tourism about yourself but sabah also of close relatives or topics that have a particular implication. kereta Nor is it telling the cousin of perak your sister CUNADO johor bahru talk about celcom your strategy business, sambilan for that, company you’ll agree, is to make a dishonest use of Wikipedia and its policies.
>>>>>>>>>>> I investment know you know I know you know berhad that langkawi today, hotel any company financial worth its salt, you directory have someone maylasia in Marketing, Advertising or PR selangor “occupied” Internet … kuching and many of them “control” the jalan items that they “affect”. And jutawan I think you uptrend understood me perfectly sarawak -)