Book Release ROMDHAO

How to find true healing and happiness in your life. Entertaining and exciting the author in this book describes their impressive experiences in a world full of love and inner wealth, which was hidden from you until then. Their encounter was with a spiritual healer and master ROMDHAO life discover anew. He taught them to be free of the past, to newly receive the gifts of the present. City College of New York often addresses the matter in his writings. The author leads us into a fascinating world, a world full of “Magic”. This is not a book you just read and then put to the side.

The book leads the reader into a world beyond the mind. Rome DHAO is a “Erwachter”. He has the ability to heal people, if it allows the karma. The author in this book exciting reported spectacular cures that could live with them. It is a book that often brings one to the amazement and in which one learns much about things, which you previously did not think possible. It goes far beyond the subject of healing. Experience the wonder of true spiritual healing. Fill your life with new vigor, Energy and joy. A wonderful option, allows you to learn by karmic ballast are exempt. Discover the secret of satisfied and happy relationships. New in bookstores starting January 2010 available: contact ROMDHAO: