Complex Carbohydrates

In part one of this article, we established that to avoid the diets it is of the best things than you can make to favor your health if you wish to burn fat. In this second part, we will show how to initiate the transition to change your style of life towards the development of a strong, thin and healthful body. From the nutritional vision, a balance between carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the diet to stimulate to your metabolism is necessary and that burns fat constantly. Long term the diets fashionable lose their attractive cattle at the beginning and that returns them irresistible. Nevertheless, in the long term he is better to return to the basic things that your body wishes. The Complex Carbohydrates (grain, whole breads, cereals, etc.) are vital to maintain your energy throughout the day. They make other things within your body, between which he is hacerte to feel full.

dento of carbohydrates of this type is the fruits, by their high fiber content. They are absorbed slowly from the sanguineous circulation, which aid to maintain controlled your insulin level. This last one is important because it helps to that there is a smaller fat storage and to that is a high probability that your stored fat is burned. The Simple Carbohydrates, or white sugars (sweet, refreshments, breads process, etc.) must be avoided and stay most of the time in a minimum. They have little nutritious value and they are full of empty calories. They add calories to your body and only they end up storing itself like fat.

This way you can olvidarte burn fat. By all means, much people are conscious of the relation between the sugar in blood and the insulin with eating too many simple carbohydrates. Our insulin regulates the sugar level in blood and causes that any excess of her is stored like fat.