Construction Companies

The present work initiates with the current situation of management and control for the construction companies in relation to the environment, therefore in the majority this branch of work is considered unbalanced, in such a way technologically as in the management, when compared with other sectors. The lack of referencial in other construction companies and the sped up growth in the branch leave to mainly desire to the relation with the environment and the attendance to the applicable legal requirements. The main objective of the work is to elaborate a metodolgica systematics for the implementation of a System of the Ambient Management with practical applications in the construction work. Thus, the construction companies can use the work to carry through the implementation of a system of the ambient management, not necessarily for a certification in an agency certifier, but to get one better control and management of all its aspects and potentials ambient impacts in the construction workmanships, focando all the stages of a workmanship, taking care of all the applicable legal requirements and keeping a continuous improvement in its activities, what it will ahead increase its acceptability of a competitive and demanding market. Word-Key: Construction, System of Management, Planning, Management. ABSTRACT This work begins with the current situation of management and control by construction companies in relation you the environment, because this line of work is considered barks, both technologically and in management, when it is compared you other sectors. The lack of reference in to other construction companies and fast growth in the industry leaves much you be desired the relationship you the environment and mainly the attention you applicable legal requirements. If you would like to know more then you should visit Bessel van der Kolk. The main objective of this work is you develop systematic methodology will be the implementation of an Environmental Management System with applications in construction work..