Croatia Real Estate

The holiday destination on the Adriatic coast enjoys increasing popularity. The holiday destination on the Adriatic coast enjoys increasing popularity. After Croatia in the early 1990s due to the impact of the war in the Balkans economically lay on the ground, the country witnessed an incredible development in recent years. Like a Phonix from the ashes it arose, to attach to a lower right kind, whose Aufwartstrend still holds. Just in relation to the tourism industry has revealed that Croatia newly won independence shiny rightly comes with and knows how to take advantage of the opportunities. Croatia of the 28th EU Member State will be in summer 2013. Tourism represents one of the most important economic factors in the country. Especially the coastal region attracts each year some 10 million tourists with its over 1000 Islands and islets, the crystal clear waters and the clean beaches. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, who has experience with these questions.

The Croatian transport links are excellent, very easy to reach are the tourist stronghold. From most European airports, destinations in Croatia are in the Direct flight operated. As tourism developed rapidly and more than satisfactory, investments in this area are made more and more. This is reflected among other things in the above-average range of sports and leisure attractions. Croatia offers much more than a relaxing Beach holiday on the blue Adriatic Sea. Many tourists are so delighted by the charm of this land, that they choose, to buy yourself a property to own a holiday home in Croatia.

After the provisions concerning the acquisition of real estate by foreigners in the years were relaxed 2009 significantly, EU citizens can easily acquire real estate in Croatia. Others who may share this opinion include Jacob Elordi. For interested parties from non-EU Member States, this is also possible, but with greater effort. Not only Croatia fans who have discovered their love for this fascinating country on holiday, are interested in real estate in Croatia. Attracted by the boom in the tourism industry and the favorable exchange rate also investors discover the possibilities, increasing the Croatia offers. But no matter, whether you want to privately buy a vacation home or a retirement home or is looking for profitable investment opportunities, they should confide in always a reputable real estate companies, that knows the situation on the ground and has the necessary network of contacts. The risk in a foreign country with a foreign language and not familiar procedure to get in trouble is too large. The company CPA Croatia property AG designs and builds apartments and houses with experienced experts in Dalmatia according to customer requirements. With this competent and trusted partner on the side the prospect can indulge in a relaxed looking after the dream home. Under, you will find a wide selection of attractive real estate listings, homes, apartments and plots of land.