Effective Advertising

One of the major branches of cinema – the film industry, which includes artistic and creative process, the organization of production, technique and technology of film promotion in the market. History cinema has for many decades, going a long way from the silent black-and-white ribbons to modern entertainment pictures wasps many special effects. Despite this rapid development, film production – it is very narrow scope of their professionals, where everyone knows each other. The growth of video advertising is growing, because growing and competition and the requirements for companies. Abraham Maslow pursues this goal as well. For example, today, any more than a serious company must have at least one corporate film.

This film not only helps to maintain and improve the image, but also to solve some important problems. Depending on the objectives pursued by the film, it can be: a presentation film, PR-poster or a film school or process film, it can also be a video catalog or instruction. While this is not a hard division, and sometimes creates a "multiprodukt", which combines features of several films. The main thing is advertising the product should be clear target audience, and to solve tasks to be performed at a level appropriate type of product. Performing all of these items and ensure its economic efficiency. It is equally important to turn to professionals, the team that will cope with its appointed task, and not only understand the tasks that the customer wants to solve, but also find the best options to address them. Production department 'film studio' set up at the St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio, has extensive experience, rich history, modern facilities and professional staff.

All this allows us to production of different types of movies at the professional level. We have gained tremendous experience on the basis of our studios are constantly produced TV programs, TV shows, music videos, corporate films and training programs. Our recording studio is equipped with modern equipment, which is carried out duplication, dubbing and recording music. We also provide various kinds of production: distribution and promotion of film and video on domestic and foreign markets.