Global Power

In his recent visit to the India, U.S. President Barack Obama gave that country the degree of global power, to hold in New Delhi that the country was not only an emerging nation but a global power. President Obama also argued that United States could give support to the request of the India get a permanent place in the Security Council of the Organization of United Nations (UN). We discussed the need for international institutions, including United Nations, reflect the reality of the 21st century, said Obama. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. India has been developing a campaign with the aim of achieving a permanent seat in the Security Council, their arguments are, the weight growing of the country, Member of the G-20, today fundamental actor in the meeting that takes place in Korea of the South and also of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China), with an economy of 2.0 trillion dollars, which stimulates the global economy.

Furthermore emphasizes the participation of India in the Doha round and its role key in negotiations on the problem of climate change. Filed under: Haley Barbour. The fact that Obama will give its support to India does not mean that it is easy for this Asian country to achieve the long-awaited seat. The biggest obstacle to this is the almost certain opposition of the People’s Republic of China. It is important to note that the India has not always supported U.S. positions presented in the bosom of the UN. The Obama situation isn’t easy, on the one hand encourages diplomatic and economic ties with India, but must also maintain a good level of relations with neighboring Pakistan into conflict with India over Kashmir and with the Asian giant, I am referring to China.

In the case of Pakistan, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh considered not viable short-term improvement of relations with the neighboring country. President Obama had called the two enemy countries, both nuclear-weapon and have already fought three wars since 1947, to give small steps to improve their ties. Given this, Prime Minister Singh was clear: you can not dialogue while a machine of terrorism is still active, as never before. Once Pakistan away from its position induced by terrorism, we will be happy to perform a productive commitment to resolve all outstanding issues. United States seeks in India that this will become your strategic partner more important to deal with the rise of China and promote a balance of power in Asia which is favorable to India. A negative sign was the decision of the Ministry of defence of India not to sign treaties in that area with the United States that was planned during the Obama visit. U.S. President began a very difficult tour road, but there is no doubt that bilateral linkages that Washington and New Delhi foster may become one of the key strategic partnerships of the 21st century.