Google And Its Achilles

A very interesting series of thoughts came to mind, I thought that must be shared with readers. Surrounded by an idea (which may sound very impossible). Google search does not have an Achilles heel! While Page Rank and Google indexing algorithm is very powerful and unique enough to catapult a flat road, above all the other search engines in the world of Web 1.0 – and effectively destroy each with a single stroke … Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as cardiologist by clicking through. do not think this is going to celebrate in the coming years the world. To understand my argument – I assume that the reader is familiar with what is Google and how to go about indexing pages in inspections. Ok.

Let’s go back about 10 years. It was easy the game engines of them (called spamdexing) and anyone with some knowledge could easily get listed on top. In fact, if they spam engine and appear 10 times in the home – was easy. But a major war between Webmasters encoders and logic search engine in which each tried to leave at the top and be more intelligent than the other. Search engines change their algorithm to adjust to the fight against search engine marketers smart / webmasters have learned to master for any keyword. Everything was too easy. There were as Web Position Gold software that helped produce the highest score anyone – guaranteed! Enter Google.

Thus, these two guys had a great idea and were working. Because it was not easy at that time to get backlinks and reach a large number of sites that point to your website – overcoming the Page Rank algorithm, it was not easy … if not impossible. But of course, some people learned this (and still are) – called Search Engine Marketing. Thus, they claimed that they can include it in the top of Google or on the first page for $ $ $ or your money back. And if you want to master the art of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – you can read some of the ebooks written by professional and even adopt some assurance systems as SEO – they tend to take advantage of the “copy” of your competition, then do better to win seats. This is where the danger lies.