Greater Stuttgart Area

The consulting firm TCG the Consulting Group launches a study to the acceptance and use of consultancy services in the greater Stuttgart area on May 17, 2010. A crisis that inhibits the use of consulting services by external consultants or promoting this? This issue is devoted to the study, which is aimed at self-employed workers, entrepreneurs, and hired executives with decision-making competence. Are the focus business consulting services for corporate divisions: management & strategy. These are especially the degree of mobilisation, as well as the popular consulting fields in the foreground of the study, which uses these considerations in the context of the current economic situation. The long term interpretation of the study developed annually recurring surveys the character of a trend barometer.

Annual evaluations are successively to historical data and forecasts on future developments added. The first, beginning on May 17, 2010 study has a duration of four weeks and ends on June 13, 2010. First results will be presented on June 30, 2010. With a full report is expected for July 30, 2010. For every completed questionnaire, an amount of each 5 cents on the mini-emergency school Esslingen e.V.

as well as the Ravensburger Board of the German Red Cross donates TCG. In addition a golf taster course of golf and country clubs HA e.V. will be raffled among the particular known participants of the study. The study will be conducted online on: studies /.