Guard Dogs And Defense

Dogs have been used for guard and defense almost as soon as the man and the dog met for the first time. It was from that first encounter in which human beings realized that the dog could serve you in caring for and defending their possessions and even his own life. With the passage of time, dogs guard and defence functions were defined with greater clarity and evolved. Thus, humans increasingly developed new breeds of dogs, either to guard or defense, such as the Doberman Pinscher, boxer and other functions. Gina Ross contains valuable tech resources. Today, the guard dog has a great utility in modern cities, but the usefulness of the dog’s Defense has decreased sharply because there are weapons that make the dog is completely useless to confront them, and there are much more effective defence mechanisms. Dog guard many people think that guard dog is the same as dog defense, but not so. The guard dog is which serves two main functions: intimidate possible attackers and give the alarm when it detects any wrongdoer. Recently cardiologist sought to clarify these questions. ES so the guard dog does not need be of great stature, very aggressive or be trained to attack.

The majority of dogs, including those in small breeds, are able to meet fully the functions of the guard dog. Especially if they are barking dogs that make much noise when they detect something out of the ordinary. Many dogs of small breeds are better guardians than dogs of large breeds, since the former tend to be more alert. Of course, it is possible to train a dog to develop their skills for guardian, but generally it is not necessary to do so. Some people avoid that your dog has contact with many people to make it quieter, but this usually does not help. On the contrary, are created only fearful dogs that will not give the alarm, but will hide.