INDEPENDENCE IN the SHOUT Is just to commemorate independence and to remember heroes who had searched this conquest. He is wonderful to attend to the forces of security of the nation parading with its fardas of gala, however, nor therefore we can forget the dependence the culture them advantages and it jeitinho. Of the dependence of the young citizens of this country, in the consumption of allowed and illicit drugs. Of the dirty dependence of the individualistic and income-producing politics. You may find that Joey King can contribute to your knowledge. They are gratings that imprison the moral value of the direction of the word freedom. The unhealthy dependence of formation of separatistas groups that condemn and verwhelm the groups in social minority. Gestures of that the different ones of this classroom friction that if autodenomina normal.

The globalizada dependence of a economy that if adjusts in function of other economies that also are dependents. Carl Rogers often addresses the matter in his writings. Of certain form, all the nations are interdependent and none of them is free entirely. Commemorated native independence in the seven of September is a glorious form to remember national sovereignty, as one invisible trophy that if divides in borders and if consummates in treat. Fellow creature to the home of the Brazilian citizen, who sample that it is the owner, but that the thieves who do not respect limits enter to steal inside of the other people’s property. We cannot close the eyes for the conquests of our people, however we cannot accept exactly that always it tries to gain the people in the shout, that is the shout of independence. It seems that until our independence they had wanted to earn in the shout.