Intelligent Plastics

Adelino Quaresma de Amorim Grandson Francisco Edivan Incio de Sousa Course of Full Licenciatura in Chemical Federal University of the Piau Encontramos the polymers (group of chemical composites formed by combination of you vary molecules to form more complex molecules) in practically everything that we use nowadays: fabrics, medicines, storages of information amongst other applications. The plastics, result of one mixes polimrica answers to one definitive one stimulates of reprodutvel form and specifies, receiving a denomination from intelligent plastics. Such stimulatons are: I stimulate electric, provoking change of color, contraction with movement mechanical or reaction of reduction or oxidation, appearance of potential electric (Capacity that an energized body has to carry through a work), sensor of pH, one I even though stimulate with acidity variation and a change of electric condutividade. The plastic most intelligent and older than we know is rubber, known very before the arrival of the Quilombo to America. The rubber is considered an intelligent material, because after passing for a treatment with sulfeto or sulphur it could be more resistant and after being deformed by mechanical effort, comes back to its original state. The comumente used plastic classroom in the current days is of eletroativos polymers. They are called thus, because they can reversiblely be converted into oxides or be reduced in chemical processes. They are constituted of carbons with double linking alternated with simple linkings calls of conjugated double linkings.

Plastics intelligent to be used make necessary construction of cell electrochemical (joint complete that constitutes a stack), constituted of two electrodes (metallic bar, graphite piece or even though a uncovered wire piece) a work electrode, one against? electrode and an electrolyte (it substantiates, that in solution it leads electric chain) responsible for the closing of the internal circuit of the cell. The used intelligent plastics more in this type of device are polipirrol, the politiofeno or the polianilina. Perhaps the one of the applications most important of these types of plastics either assembly of devices, I stimulate where it of an electric either answered chain with a mechanical movement. Therefore, according to Landmark. of Paoli, eletroativos doctor in Chemistry and Professor of the Institute of Chemistry of the Unicamp, polymers, here intelligent plastic calls, are used nowadays in applications sufficiently special and in the used future they will be each time more. It has works that they show that they can substitute with advantage the semiconductors (controlling of electric chain) traditional. It fits to chemistries, physicist and engineers to use the imagination and ability to become Real many ideas that will appear on polymers or intelligent plastics. Bibliographical references: