MacBook Pro

We are in El Dorado, Palo Alto (California, USA). And so far pilgrims Chinese, Koreans, Italians, French, Indians and, how not, Spanish. All in search of their miracle. It is the place where to reinvent from scratch if you have the appropriate dose of intelligence, ambition and money. Some succeed and others do not, but leave wiser than when they arrived. University Avenue is a street full of cafes with high concentration of Ferraris and Maseratis per square meter. From Monday to Friday, and from 10.00 to 17.00, becomes a laboratory where, if he sharpens you ear, you can learn how to be a boy of 20 years, have an intense relationship with the Pajama pants and MacBook Pro and a capitalist Lord that you have between hands the new Twitter that invest $500,000 to convince. Source of the news:: Spaniards in Palo Alto: here there are green shoots.