(Online article) – with the anthologies “Luminaries Library” Corbis relies on the distinctiveness of outstanding images. Dusseldorf, August 19, 2008 – everybody knows them photos that have made history. Albert Einstein, as he disrespectfully out stretches reporters tongue, dizzying heights workers sitting on a steel girder, Marilyn Monroe in a white dress on a ventilation shaft. These are only a few a few photos that are included in the famous Bettmann archive, acquired by Corbis in 1995. Enough, one reason own band about to bring out the Bettmann archive and other historical archives by Corbis, and in the context of the series of luminaries library”, which has launched Corbis recently. The first series comprises four volumes, which plug into a high-quality, dark slipcase. A band shows the highlights of zefa, a highly popular among creative collection with European lifestyle-touch.

The art directors in the zefa team search for latest trends and influences in society and translate these into innovative image language. Volume three the first series deals conceptually with the subject of duets “. Photos of pairs or two related things are expertly implemented and act as an impetus for creative ideas. With the modern street art collection Thunderdog collective”Corbis relies on the strong influence of comics and illustrations in advertising and media. Numerous examples of the diversity of the street artist, which are under contract with Corbis, appear in this volume. Against the backdrop of royalty free and Microstock photography Corbis sees itself as a provider unique images that nowhere else for our customers in the creative industry in this wealth and importance “, as Max Wieberneit, sales & Managing Director Corbis Germany and Austria. With luminaries library we show the uniqueness and high quality of the Corbis archive in picture books with collector character.” Luminaries library is not commercially available and reserved exclusively Corbis top customers in limited edition.

About Corbis Corbis is a leading visual media provider licensed for the creative industry, of a wide range of award-winning works of the modern, historical and entertainment photography, as well as a comprehensive collection of famous illustrations and film clips. Images from Corbis would meet daily worldwide in advertising, media, publications and corporate communications. Corbis is headquartered in Seattle and has 15 offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, providing services to customers in more than 50 countries around the world. More information at. More information (press only): Susanne Magwaza Corbis PR Germany/Austria/Switzerland Tel.: 0211.436 03 44 mobile: 0171.548 11 43 E-Mail: