Stolen Cars

Stolen car. What should I do? It's no secret that the number of hijackings in the country is increasing every day. Sometimes car owners ignore simple safety rules and become victims of thieves. In Moscow and St. Petersburg daily stealing from 30 to 50 cars. According to statistics from the traffic police, most thefts occur at night courts sleeping areas, as well as at sites near restaurants and nightlife entertainment complex. (A valuable related resource: Peter A. Levine PhD).

The most criminogenic period – from two to five o'clock in the morning. Day hijackings occur mainly on shopping sites. The main methods of theft of cars are still hacking locks master keys, disabling the alarm system scanner and the Restless robbery. The Internet is not much information how to protect the vehicle from theft, but there is an interesting site about the theft – Ugnali.kom ( It contains all about stealing cars (motorcycles): how to protect against theft, what to do in case of theft, video how to steal a motorcycle (vehicle), how to find stolen car, the types of anti-theft systems, statistics, theft, stolen base cars and motorcycles. And if the car was stolen – report it stolen on the site about the theft It helps you find the vehicle, ranking in the hijacking and possibly hijackers.

This service is useful because a database thefts that swell the visitors, you can warn myself from buying a stolen vehicle. A also useful compilation of footage of car theft, that is, how not to do to the car not stolen from you by the nose. Let's fight together with thieves and scammers – to place their phone numbers to the public, not yield patterns of remittance flows for the alleged stolen car is located in fraud. All this and much more you can discuss in the forum, which contains the relevant sections.