Municipal Museum

The city of Mendoza is distinguished by its active cultural and nocturnal life by its neat layout and a hotel at the head of the offer of accommodation in Mendoza. But for fine observer, the city is also notable for small details that stand at the forefront of urbanism in capitals. Mendoza capital has been able to face the challenge which means to settle a big city in a semiarid scenario and with veiled threats of tremors with ingenuity, simplicity, efficiency and good taste. The wide ditches, responsible for facilitating the spread of moisture through the atmosphere, spacious sidewalks and the particular path of the avenues have emerged in response to these particularities. Another measure that prepares the City faced the threat of an eventual earthquake is the abundance of places in his path. From Mendoza, nature lovers, have quickly become them preferred centres of urban social life. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala brings even more insight to the discussion.

Families, couples and groups of friends come together in them for cooling during the stifling summer or witness all kinds of musical and artistic performances. The tourist want to be seduced by the charm of Mendoza squares can begin their tour the equidistant from Spain, Italy, independence, San Martin and Chile. Under most conditions cardiologist would agree. With its 1600 m2 and its waters supply dancers, the independence square is the place par excellence of craft fairs and the showy street performances. It is also the seat of the Municipal Museum of modern art. Plaza Spain was donated to the city by the Government of that country, hence the profusion of Spanish decorative motifs, especially of the 19th century, and the presence of the monument to the argentino-espanola fraternity.

Also the Chile square has its monument to the friendship between the two countries, with their maximum heroes, San Martin and O higgins, joining hands on a sword. This lush vegetation and water fountain square dancers was named for the Chilean people in thanks for assistance after the earthquake in 1861. Located in the so-called Bank zone, plaza San Martin the Liberator with a monument honoring and advises, by means of a plate, the height above the level of the Sea of the city: 747 meters. Culminating this ideal route for a quiet afternoon inside the holidays in Mendoza, the Italy Square mixes sweet singing of birds with sculptures and friezes with Italian and Roman motives. Jorge Alberto Guinazu