Worked Normally

I am starting to write my experience with this upheaval (said of Mood) Looks at: it is very Bad, it confuses the life in the Generality, makes of everything to knock down a person; I: My Name is Pablo, has (47) years and since (18) was married this badly, did not look for, did not call, it happened of one minute for another one, and there he was Pablo (lost, idiot, sped up heart, trying to look at around, all dark one and confused my return, seemed to open a hole in the soil and I to be pulled for inside, am the chaos of the mind, only function the part of the instinct in the brain ' ' that one of sobrevivencia' ' , the reason does not exist more, does not exist word at this moment to explain to support or you, what it passes in the mind is (I go To leave or To run away daqui! ) to go for a safe place blurred vision, forms of the things that seem another world, a road straight line that is sinuosa (hallucination), to run away but for where does not know) but it varies the maximum time of these attacks, in the start I not wise person nor of what treated doctors did not make idea, and if became one ' ' coisa' ' it all folloied that me per the day. 1982: Until this year I was very well ' ' normal' ' so to speak. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Pat Ogden. still I find that it has much to say itself of ' ' normal' ' ' ' anormal' ' I very find to the point of view of who ve relative and interprets; in late pretty one I was walking for the central street of my city and looking at the show windows of the store (if my memory serves me right it was Saturday) therefore I Worked Normally I eat any citizen ' ' normal' ' , he went of bus for the work in Porto Alegre, and was starting a career that at the time was very promising (mechanic of Schemes Road, motoniveladora ' ' patrola' ' , carregadeiras, until that they are used nowadays in the plantations of rice or irrigation of farmings, tractors of mat ' ' those that seem a tank of guerra' '). .