Department Information Technology

29 July 2008 in our office held a seminar on "Building a distributed system of high reliability and availability on the platform ibm Power Systems. Organizer of the event in conjunction with iba ibm representative East Europe / Asia (IBM ee / A). Welcomed the participants by the director of sales in the cis countries, iba Gennady Molchanov and a representative of ibm ee / A to work with government agencies in the cis Victor Mercury. The seminar was attended by representatives of management and leading specialists of the Ministry of Taxes and Levies and National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. On today's complete solution for ibm Platform Power Systems, which intended to create a distributed system of high reliability and availability, experts told ibm ee / A Alexey Carriers and Alexander Trofimov. Theoretical and practical experience in the field of information safety in the construction of distributed information systems with their colleagues shared the chief test lab it security company iba Valery Kozyuminsky. Deputy Head of Department Information Technology of the National Bank Dmitry Kontorovich and Head of Service Support Computer Systems iba Dmitry Protsyk shared the experience of technical operation and maintenance of systems for based ibm Power Systems (IBM AS/400, iSeries, System i) in Belarus.

History Of Watches EPOS

EPOS history begins in 1925. In the valley of the Valle de Joux (Vallee de Joux), known as a world center for the mechanical watch industry, a talented engineer hour Jemes Aubert (James OBERIU) formed their operating hours. James was an enthusiastic creator mechanical clock and has devoted his life to the development of new watch mechanisms. Being a master of his craft and making a lot of effort, James OBERIU has concentrated its work on the technical development of chronographs and minute repeaters. He perfected his skills, developing new mechanisms based on the famous 'Valjoux' and 'Landeron'.

Following the best traditions of the true watch-making, knowledge and experience of James OBERIU passed to his nephew Jean Aubert (Jean OBERIU) and son-Jean Fillon (Jean Fillon). Today, Jean Fillon, senior engineer at the company's management EPOS. In the early 80-ies, in the history of Swiss watches has stagnated. By the same author: Peter A. Levine PhD. With the introduction of new quartz technology radically changed the face watch industry. Nobody wanted to engage in the production of mechanical watches, with the exception of a few famous brands.

Peter Hofer (Peter Hofer), a recognized expert in manufacturing watches, was one of the few who are still believed in the future of mechanical watches. He becomes a follower of works initiated by James OBERIU. And in 1983 Peter and his wife Erna give the final name of the company: EPOS Montres SA. Inextricably collaborating with Jean Fillon, EPOS continues to create a stunning collection of watches with a unique mechanism. In 2002, Peter Hofer began searching for a successor who would have shared his love for mechanical watches and headed business EPOS, and continued its development. Ideal candidates are Ursula Forster (Forster Ursula) from a family of hereditary watchmakers and her husband Tamdi Chonge (Tamdy Chong), who also had extensive experience in the industries of manufacturing watches. On the basis of arrangements renowned Swiss manufacturers, watchmakers converted EPOS, new born, with interesting features and a wonderful decoration arrangements. One of the most interesting models unique clock Epos 8 Jours (Ref.: 3340). Shifted to the right dial enable a harmonious place adorned with an engraving in an antique style bridge balance. In 2004. at the exhibition Goldene Unruh 2004, this model is deservedly won in its category the first place. Creating watches with love and the best traditions of Swiss watchmakers, the company EPOS has every right to be called 'Master the art of watchmaking. "

Individual Entrepreneurs

You have decided to register a company, but do not know where to start, then this article is for you. In accordance with Federal Law "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs" to register the company in registering body: statement on Form R110001, charter, minutes of the meeting of the founders (or the decision if a parent) to establish a company, a payment document confirming payment of state duty for registration of legal person; extract from the register of foreign legal entities of the country of origin (if the founder is a foreign entity), in the said law states that "the registration authority has no right to demand provision of other documents, "but in practice it is necessary to confirm the payment of the authorized capital, the right to use the legal address, order a copy of the charter, the original of which will be the registering body, and also apply to the possibility of applying the simplified taxation system, if required. Therefore, in addition you must provide: a document confirming payment of at least 50% of the share capital; letter of guarantee from the owner to provide a legal address, and a copy of the certificate of ownership, an application for a copy of the statute, payments for the issuance of paper copies of the charter, a statement of transition to the USN. Before you prepare the documents for registration to determine the activities that you plan to do, and not worth to lose sight of those experiences of which you have dealt with by your business partners or employees.