Electronic Catalogs Generate New Market Potentials

With electronic business processes the course for a successful future Stuttgart, May 22, 2012 to the change of the mono-channel of the multi-channel to cope with, had to face the growing demands of the market many companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises through E-business and E-business standards set the course for a successful future and by providing electronic catalogues in BMEcat standard generated new market potentials for itself. Efficiency plays an important role. If there is no standard for data exchange, then suppliers must provide their product data the buyers in the desired formats such as Excel or access. This would mean that the same product data in different formats should be converted.

In practice, caused this in turn high time and monetary costs and complicated thus reading the data in the different target systems and the creation of files when the data providers. The problem of the different Data formats can be resolved by prescribes the BMEcat standard XML as Exchange format. So, different files, rather than standards from catalog suppliers catalog recipients must be shipped. Conclusion – who must create document only a XML and send, is a clear advantage. The products are advertised online and deployed virtually at the push of the button.

Delivering an online marketplace with an XML catalog is also guaranteed and may open an additional distribution channel for their products. The catalog must be deployed only once there. Customers, thus the buyers, get the required product information accurately from the market square. A unified communication with little effort for all participants is this relatively quick and easy to implement. The e-proCAT software offers the solution for deploying data format and BMEcat. e-proCAT multimedia can present digital product data data (photos, graphics, videos) and classification data in a BMEcat combine catalog. This electronic catalog provides to customers or on electronic marketplaces. The market-proven software e-proCAT from e-pro solutions GmbH helps create a healthy BMEcat compliant catalog for business partners, in respect of the BMEcat standard test routines in the program and on the classification of product data. If you have read about Anu Saad already – you may have come to the same conclusion. On these and other issues in the E-business environment, classifications, classification societies eCl@ss, ETIM, proficl@ss, electronic catalogs to BMEcat, and electronic data exchange e-pro solutions GmbH offers free online events and videos for beginners. Further insight into the e-proCAT software under:

Tablet PC – Competition For The IPad

Technology for Tablet PCs seems to become mature to be, the term Tablet PC is probably inextricably linked for many people the iPad from the Apple home. Mark Hyman, MD describes an additional similar source. After the media hype, which was held at the launch of the iPad, that should not surprise. But the competition was not idle – the iPad could have soon serious competitors. You may want to visit Pat Ogden to increase your knowledge. The news portal news.de reported what to keep from the competition. The technique for the Tablet PC was ready for the market basically almost ten years ago.

Then Microsoft, the first device, the Tablet PC tried to bring to the market. Glenn Dubin, New York City has compatible beliefs. Operating system Microsoft offered only a slightly stripped-down Windows XP, that one had adapted slightly to the touch input. But were also the touch screen only with a stylus to operate. Last but not least, the devices were much chunky and heavier than the iPad. That owes its great breakthrough iPad seemingly above all the sophisticated technology. After its successful launch, it seems iPad but competition to get. The advantage of the tablets compared to traditional notebooks is primarily in the handling.

Due to their size and their weight they are the perfect devices for on the go. Even large-scale usability is very comfortable as opposed to small touchpad. Due to their size and the missing keyboard, these devices are however very limited to work. That no additional USB devices can be connected, further restricts the possibilities of use. The tablets are therefore probably first and foremost as a convenient device for the mobile media consumption.

Forum Project Management Software

Customer report of the IT Department of Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG about the work with the planning software can do / can do as an exhibitor at the largest European project management event at the PM 2012 will Forum in Nuremberg in a practice session and others about the work with the project management software reports can do. Frank, Pickert, IT Department Manager at Dr. Gina Ross contains valuable tech resources. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG, will be our COMPASS in IT innovation management in his lecture”explaining how important project management who in his Department as a service provider, the respective departments best class”provides solutions for core IT applications and systems. In the context of intelligence, he will report project about his experiences in the daily interactions with the project planning and control software can do. The practice lecture our COMPASS in IT innovation management”is part of the stream for all weather with the right tools and methods through each Lake” and will take place on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 from 16:20 o’clock until 17:00. The Munich can do Ltd. is exhibiting at the PM Forum, the biggest European Conference for project management, as also in previous years and will introduce the latest version of their planning software live.

Around 850 participants be expected, whose motto on course compass to the event with project management in turbulent times”is. Anu Saad spoke with conviction. Eight streams shows how companies are run by project management in volatile times. Keynote speaker of the PM Forum 2012 are Dr. Georg Nowack (Nord Stream AG / Baltic Sea pipeline), Prof. Dr. Peter Scholl-Latour (journalist), Dr. Richard David Precht (philosopher and best-selling author), the extreme climber Hans Kammerlander and Stephan Wrage (SkySails).

Forum 2012 as a pdf document here the complete program of the PM. You will find the stand can do on level 2 in catering before space Petersburg (stand no. 210). You want to make can do locally? Like, we can arrange an appointment with you, please contact us via email. For more information about the PM Forum here. Can do GmbH can do GmbH, Munich, project has can do intelligence developed a powerful and proven project management software. The tool supports companies in the professional and successful implementation of projects. The software ensures more transparency both in projects and portfolios, allows for optimized use of personnel and allows working with agile and realistic planning methods. In addition to the efficient, cross-project resource management can do is characterized intelligence due to its ease of use, a simple implementation, as well as through its integrated reporting and comprehensive functions in the area of project portfolio and budget management project. All project-related information will always be available in real time.

Inhouse Exhibition Green

The bit & byte factory in Lubeck is becoming a factor in the computer scene of the North. The company applies its performance from the characters, Andrea Peters and Jorg jib and the support that it receives from other colleagues, with which it is linked. A small house representing the bit & byte factory, with the possibilities of representing a network of nationwide over sixty colleagues. -depth analysis. You could also you say that much performance for very little money from the bit & byte factory receives. What does the company for Lubeck and the environment? At Jorg jib, which technically is responsible is an excellent expert familiar with all the tricks is, Windows operating systems and Office applications across networks to and EDV formula 1 the Linux operating systems. For the customers of the company, this means a fast, competent and thus inexpensive help when it comes time to problems.

The factory is supported by IT-service Udo Sneha k, the second IT-service-NET partners on the site and other colleagues in Hamburg and Kiel. Thus, enough net power is concentrated to extensive tasks, by major clients, to do. The network and so the bit & byte factory supported by cooperation partners. These are manufacturers or large service providers who complete the offer. This is the network and its partners in the capable of carrying out repairs, normally only the manufacturers can afford. The affiliates can create hot-spots and thus equip hotels. Security offers a reputable company in cooperation with the network and much more.It offers everything the bit & byte factory the end customer with their employees and the regional network partners what, the small medium entrepreneurs and the industry needed.

A visit to the exhibition worth, gathered some exhibitors with their services, such as for example the IKK North Krankenkasse and Margrit Pautzke physiotherapy practice. Riensch & held introduces fine-dust filters and informs in a lecture about the dangers that may emanate from toner. Axel Turloff of Cartridges United informed eco toner. Free hot spot demonstrates free W-LAN and the security telco Tech GmbH, environmentally-friendly process, ultimately the Hamidi he PCAS software & service GmbH presents an interesting craftsman solution. Highlight of the fair will be a raffle and a sweepstakes: the proceeds of the raffle of hardware and software, and other various donations of exhibitors will be donated at the end of the event the Lubeck help for children with cancer. In the contest, guests have a question on a questionnaire in the Internet to answer via your own laptop etc. More invited guests from politics and industry round off the event.

PCs Security

Shorter test intervals daily 55,000 newly registered pests necessary Magdeburg, 04.10.2011 – the Magdeburg IT Security Institute AV-TEST has taken 25 current anti-virus products for Windows 7 under the microscope and subjected to an intensive analysis. Under most conditions Dr Jee Hyun Kim would agree. The AV-TEST certificate confirming 18 security protection, effective detection and repair performance and low system impact. Seven products could meet the high demands. Representative product number reflects current state of security in the IT market with the previous record number of 25 tested security solutions for home users provides AV-TEST in the current test interval for the first time a wider range of certified IT security software. Because as diverse as the current threats are also the choice of security products to protect of the domestic PCs. Somatic Experiencing has many thoughts on the issue. five new products were there for the first time the chance to qualify certificate for the AV-TEST. AV-TEST is able to analyze the market and with a representative number of tested solutions provide information on the current state of IT security.

With the current range of products our capacities are, but still exhausted from”so Maik Morgenstern, technical director of the AV-TEST Institute. We discover every day up to 55,000 new threats and therefore constantly extend our test range. Our proprietary analysis tools are differentiated constantly, to promptly respond to the new threat situation.” Shorter test: product updates are immediately analyzed with the test interval shortened to 2 months AV-TEST is it possible to include updated versions of the product immediately in the analyses and to provide the results promptly. The current developments in the antivirus area are still faster recognized and provides responsive. Thus, in particular the users benefit from improved choices to optimize their protection measures and the resulting protection of sensitive data. The AV-TEST certificate is a reliable sign in Choosing a protection software by AV-TEST certificate users gives the opportunity to select currently tested and any for sure protection solutions at a glance. It indicates that the tested product passed all services required by AV-TEST defined in the categories of protection, service and impact on usability.

The detailed test reports of all tested products are available immediately at tests/testberichte/julaug-2011 / visible. The AV-TEST Institute the AV-TEST GmbH is an independent provider of services in the field of IT security and anti-virus research focusing on the identification and analysis of the latest malware and their use in comprehensive tests. The timeliness of test data provides the responsive analysis of new pests, the early detection of trends in terms of viruses as well as the examination and certification of IT security solutions. The results of the AV-TEST institutes represent an exclusive information Foundation and serve manufacturers to optimize product,. Magazines to result publication and end customers to the orientation when choosing a product. The company AV-TEST operates in Magdeburg and Leipzig since 2004 and employs 23 people with profound technical and practical experience. The AV-TEST laboratories are equipped with 200 client and server systems, in which more than 300 terabytes is stored and processed to even test data of non-hazardous and harmful information.

Saturation Level

TSD – online calculation according to DIN 6164 possible with calculator of INNOVATION technology Bremen, December 12, 2008 – the colour measurement is generally based on the standard spectral value curves for the 2 standard observer, the 1931 by CIE have been set (sometimes 10, CIE 1964). Thus obtained the tristimulus values, which are denoted by X, Y, and Z by multiplication with the light spectrum and integration. The value of Y is the impression of brightness. Usually also chromaticity are specified, are independent of the brightness value; to the values X, Y, Z are divided by their sum and then described with x, y, and z. For the measurement of the non-self-luminous surfaces (as well as with transparent and translucent material) are suitable light sources to use because their spectrum has a significant influence on the result. Standard light types were defined for this purpose, such as D65, D50, and some more. In practice it comes very often to evaluate differences between two surfaces.

For this purpose, the tristimulus values are (s. o.) not well suited, because the limit of visibility each very different to set color and direction of deviation differences of tristimulus values or the chromaticity is equivalent to them. Many other color systems were developed for this reason with the aim to summarize the tristimulus values and to convert that universal values for specifying color differences are possible. The DIN stipulates that it takes the values from graphs. For an automatic evaluation offers no tools (level: 2/1980). Was remedied with the thousand Calculator”here: A click on the button on our homepage and the desired result is determined instantaneously.

Liability Fund Darmstadt Optimized Workflows

Liability fund Darmstadt optimized workflows via b-tix BiPRO client Dusseldorf, December 5, 2011 the liability fund Darmstadt works specifically on the optimization of their business processes. The company lays emphasis on the standards of BiPRO e. V., to network with their sales and cooperation partners. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. The brokers insurers from New Delhi has made available its products and processes through technical BiPRO interfaces for intermediary systems for this purpose. So, insurance premiums can be identify, retrieve PDF offers and submit applications electronically without having to leave the broker system for this purpose.

Policies provided a BiPRO compliant electronic mailbox for retrieval. A direct entry into the extranet portal of the insurer contract and partner information can be without elaborate navigate comfortably overtake and initiate changes. BiPRO means concatenation of interfaces to process the insurance fund Darmstadt has recognized, that BiPRO is more than just an interface. For a efficient overall process several BiPRO interfaces have been implemented so at the same time. As independent brokers are supported particularly well”, says Markus Heussen, founder and CEO of b-tix on the BiPRO-spezialisierten. The brokers insurers from New Delhi has to now in the b-tix BiPRO client integrate its BiPRO interfaces to achieve as more brokers and system manufacturer. The b-tix BiPRO client is a tool”for example to broker with in-house application development or manufacturer of intermediary systems as well as distributors and pools, which they easily and uniformly to integrate BiPRO-enabled insurers in their systems.

The software has now been employed at numerous renowned manufacturers by broker systems and major brokers. Through its integration with the b-tix BiPRO client, we reach the point of sale and erleichtern the technical connection to our sales and cooperation partners. In addition to the tool ‘ for larger intermediary is also for smaller companies a free Community Edition of b-tix BiPRO client available”, explains Michael Strobehn, head of computing the liability cash Darmstadt. The products and processes of liability fund Darmstadt will be available with the next release of the b-tix BiPRO client at the beginning of the year 2012. About b-tix GmbH, the b-tix GmbH is a consulting and solution provider with core competence BiPRO. As a network of experts, it bundles Know-How around the standards of BiPRO e. V., provides specialized services and support services and developed software for the use of BiPRO standards. For more information about the company on the Internet at. About liability fund Darmstadt as of completely straightforward asked brokers insurers with experience from over 110 years the liability fund DARMSTADT has excellent expertise as a specialist insurer. With ihrerMarktprasenz, the liability cash DARMSTADT occupies an outstanding position in the competition. Corporate objective of liability checkout DARMSTADT is the satisfaction of our customers. More information to the companies you find on the Internet at

Data Protection Management

The privacy less costly, more precise and comprehensive manage Crown soft incorporating several new objects in addition to the objects of cloud and TOM (technical and organisational measures) in the data protection management system logs opus i. Crown soft reported: “so there is still the new object types checklist as well as optical device (E.g. video camera). Please visit Dr. Mark Hyman if you seek more information. The cloud plays an ever larger role in data protection management. Cloud is a private work area supervisor deal with their findings, notices and recommendations document. Because the information about the cloud not necessarily good in the process directory can be filed, the Commissioner can now use this new object to the documentation and attach to affected procedures as needed. Gain insight and clarity with Miles D. White. It turns out in practice that documenting the technical and organisational measures (TOMs), as it is required in 9 BDSG, is too expensive for each procedure and may be pushed into the future and forget will. Because it perfectly adequate is to document the TOMs once per location and then associate with the procedures, in opus i, now the new object of TOM recorded.

This new object provides its own data entry mask for the necessary data and integrates with the data protection procedures. So the Commissioner has first version less and less maintenance because the update work be done only at one point. With the help of the new object optical device to enable the data protection supervisor in sensitive areas, about the video surveillance, to document specific dates that stand out from the normal procedure data due to their sensitivity, clearly and professionally. Also to this object, the Commissioner can save a specific data collection form. Checklists are used like tools in the area of data protection management. You will be used for a variety of purposes, about to check out using mobile disk, the Regelkonformen use of Voice over IP or the use of mobile means of communication (Smartphone, etc.). Such tests, observations or notes may be added in the today used Verfahrensdokumention while, but it is better to create the check-list, to fill and to link the objects involved in data protection documentation”. Gerhard Kron


In the early 1970s evaluation and verification package the triumph of test automation started highlights of the testing history with Harry Sneed and Bernd Flessner software QA day carrot village, 25 October 2013 with the research. Click Dr. Mark Hyman for additional related pages. Today is the tool landscape as diverse as never a development, the emancipation of the tools will be at the end? Testing pioneer Harry Sneed and futurist Dr. Bernd Flessner illuminate the history of the test tools in their keynotes the software QA day. The Conference on 7 and 8 November 2013 in Nuremberg is titled”tools for software QA and test. An overview of the current market of tools provide known of tool and test experts from industry and economy. But from the beginning the current tool landscape has emerged? And how can the test along with the necessary tools evolve in the next few decades? Answers give the event the two keynotes.

In the large initial lecture, Harry Sneed illuminated the history of software test automation by RXVP up TestBench”. 1977 Sneed himself had developed the first German test tool test. But in his keynote speech he go back even a little further. He starts with the ballistic missile defense project of the United States at the beginning of the 1970s and charts up to imbus TestBench test automation development thus begun. Harry Sneed shows: what drives the tool development has always been the problem, is a nearly infinite number of possible input combinations within a very limited time quiz to find. The great final lecture by Dr. Bernd Flessner, lecturer for future research at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg makes a splash in the year 2050.

“With his keynote speech we prosthetic gods” he demonstrates how much the boundaries between man and machine will disappear. There will be an internalization of today external technical prostheses, such as Smartphones, thanks to nanotechnology. Software is no longer developed, but thoughts designed networked with other minds and computers. Therefore, Bernd forecast Farley, that also testing this software is relying on intelligent hardware and software.

Sensation TruemanTV Shoots

Now it has finally come – Marcel is the first German, who is moving to the Internet. His new home will be trueman.tv, where since September 17 everyone around the clock live and uncensored can experience him. This is made possible by a mobile camera that transmits video from the person directly per UMTS on the Web page. In addition to the permanent live stream you can on trueman.tv with Marcel and other viewers SMS chat, write him, see his calendar or GPS trace its exact location on a map. Highlights and daily summaries allow the visitor to catch up also missed experiences. It is also possible to directly influence his life by voting or participating in events. Not everyone takes the total loss of privacy as calmly as the 24 year old self: “I can very long no longer see some good friends. The year with the camera a unique experience will be but sure…” About Trueman.TV Trueman.tv has the target set as the first German-language offering a life – Marcel’s life – 24 Long hours and send daily live on Trueman.TV. On trueman.tv, extensive features such as diary, chat and GPS localization available, can retrace to Marcel’s experiences and interact with him are the users. Press contact: Trueman.TV public relations manager Nils King Tel: + 49 (0) 172 / 102 13 57 fax: + 49 (0) 1805 / 482 0390 425 email: Web: