Paediatrics Association

GOZALO the health centres in the region have stopped receiving this material, it is necessary in the revisions of infants, they urinate. Health says that it will buy a few non-absorbent fabrics. They have less than two years and are children who frequently come to primary care pediatrician. Now, due to the cuts, their parents will have to carry home the underpad (a protector of absorbent cellulose) next time they will review, as they have denounced the parents and confirmed the Union of doctors and top graduates and the primary care Paediatrics Association in Madrid. Pediatricians say that, since a couple of months ago, clinics in the region that became 4.879.708 consultations of children aged 0 to 14 in 2011 are not receiving this material and that it has disappeared from order forms. For this reason, some professionals have decided to ask families to bring the consultation the swabs or a towel, as it is the case of centros de salud de Vallecas and San Sebastian de los Reyes.

The reason is none other than lighten the consultations and avoid that they stop, they clarify. Commonplace since babies up to two years will urinate in the review and must notify the cleaning. This situation has led to associations of parents of children with Down syndrome and the society of Neonatology to launch the voice of alarm. They claim that cuts are priming with children the pneumococcal vaccine should be pay for it now and also some treatments for asthma, and they threaten to damage children’s health. For its part, the Ministry of health does not clarify why already not sent this absorbent material to centres. In this regard, it maintains that the procurement Commission responsible for purchases is which has opted to unify the use of the cubrecamillas, which is approved. But this sabanilla which referred to does not absorb the urines of babies. Books and dining room, without scholarships launched by public administrations austerity policy is affecting seriously the child population, and not just in health.

The Ministry of education has slashed this course scholarship to purchase school supplies, replacing it with a system of lending books in schools not reaching everyone. He has also deleted the scholarship of dining room and driven home tupper 3.80 euros per day. Even some municipalities such as Colmenar Viejo reached shuffle cut heating before the end of classes. And that there children for 3 years already put a quilt for the NAP. See more: parents have to go to the pediatrician with the swabs under arm.

Unreal Children

His children’s portraits have been compared to the paintings of Henri Rousseau by his load naive and exuberant. He is a specialist of digital manipulation and composed the final with hundreds of previous photos image. Children Ruud van Empel portrays are not of this world, but not leave all of it. If block you an adjective to the photos is the disturbing nonsense. The Dutch photographer, born in 1958, is an expert in the digital intervention of images. Before terminating an image he makes hundreds of previous photos. With them it is composed landscape that serves as background to their kids and adolescents imperturbable, eyes always open, like frozen statues, devoid of emotions. Adolescents under the age of 15 are more prone to ear infections because their eustachian tubes are shorter and more horizontal than a mature adult’s eustachian tubes. buy generic levitra So, take the help of Booster capsule offers the best ayurvedic cure to treat weak erection problem in males is through intake of herbal remedies like buy viagra in uk Night Fire and Mast Mood capsules. In order to keep its effects sustain for many cialis 5 mg check out this site days, it is necessary to have a healthy ED treatment. Anxiety supplements levitra prescription are growing in reputation across the board.

Groningen Museum presents a great anthology of the work of Van Empel. PhotoWorks 1995-2010 (1995-2010 photographic work) is the first exhibition of the artist in a museum. Arcadia fertile and lush Van Empel has developed a particular style of working with digital images. The world that creates evokes a paradisiacal place that never existed, a kind of mental of arcadia fertile and lush projection that recalls the paintings of Henri Rosseau. The photographer puebla this Naif universe with children and adolescents that seem innocent and dreamy, but that also give the impression of vulnerability and an astonishment that a horror silent, as if someone had pulled the kids could guess the ability to feel directly and reduced them to the status of fragile dolls. The organizers of the sample described the collection of photos as a feast for the eyes and highlighted the power of images to suggest that something is not quite right. The fascinating depth and enormous Van Empel color palette are also attractions of the exhibition.