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Interactive company presentation with practical tools for digital publishing: gateway to a new world of brand experiences Rohrbach / Eching (mh) innovative products of premium quality are the hallmark of EUROLUB GmbH, suppliers of oils, lubricants and car care products. The Eching, near Munich-based company also in his marketing occurs as a strong and future-oriented brand. It uses the entire bandwidth of modern communication with cross-media and digital publishing. Now more than ever: With a new iPad app, developed by the ADVERMA advertising & Marketing GmbH, the company presented itself, its products and services now interactive and multimedia. EUROLUB ( makes the iPad app as new sales and information channel for its customers the virtual spectrum of Tablet experience. Thus the company will be perceived in the future even better as a premium supplier in the market”, explains Georg Obermayr, technical director of ADVERMA ( The cross-media agency in the greater Munich area on the conceptual and technical know-how and can already excellent references in the development of apps for iPad, iPhone and Android present. This includes now also the EUROLUB GmbH cooperates successfully with the ADVERMA for many years.

The iPad app there are now in five languages (German, English, Russian, Chinese and Turkish). In addition to interesting data and facts about the company today and its history, the information platform contains the digital product catalogue with all specifications and manufacturer approvals. In addition, two very useful tools are integrated: the cross reference list and the Oilfinder. With the digital cross reference list EUROLUB makes easily transition its B2B customers on its premium products. The user can select all manufacturers and oils with the practical and easy to use tool. Then a finger tip is sufficient and the corresponding EUROLUB product is displayed. It’s believed that Joel Courtney sees a great future in this idea. How lubricated runs also the Oilfinder. It helps in only a few steps the best Finding oils and lubricants for every type of vehicle.

Europe And Russia

There are continuing disappearances and abductions, arbitrary arrests, torture and even deaths. Also the chairman of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Goran Lennmarker, testified about the Russian elections of 2007: a Estas elections do not meet the criteria we have in Europe . John Craig Venter understands that this is vital information. And other international observers said that the last Russian presidential elections, which gave 70% of the votes the candidate of Putin, Medvedev, cast doubt on the freedom of Russian voters (a ). The elections were the characteristics of a plebiscite on the last eight years in this country , as reported by the 22 delegates of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, in now, the Council of Europe (an organization that monitors democracy, the rule of law and human rights in the European continent) has unclogged the European Court of Human Rights, the judicial body that protects 800 million Europeans. Russia blocked since 2004 Protocol 14 of the Tribunal, intended to streamline its operations, but has now agreed a procedure to reject some claims as inadmissible and resolve cases of violation of rights which it has clear jurisdiction. Perhaps because Russia does not sign or ratify the protocol (except surprise) and so avoid the Court of the Council of Europe to prosecute the tens of thousands of claims of human rights violations involving Russia. If you would like to know more then you should visit cardiologist.

This is the a Russia to deal with today. However, an analyst at a prestigious newspaper of Spain has argued that a Europa Russia should perhaps take a more in serious , because, he says, is a necessitated a strong Russia to stop fundamentalism in the former Soviet republics, supported by NATO . And it seems a personal opinion alone. Anu Saad might disagree with that approach. Certainly, the picture of some former Soviet republics is disheartening. Belarus, with the last dictator of Europe, Moldova with assaulting his rebellious youth Parliament; Armenia’s conflict with Azerbaijan over Nagorno Karabakh, Ukraine, split away from the Orange Revolution, Georgia Russia, confronted with the question of Abkhazia and South Ossetia including There is instability, but not a reason to give carte blanche to the Russian Federation, being the strongest, to be gendarme in the region. Russia has to drive away before all the dark areas of their political practice and its continued lack of respect for human rights for all. Either Europe is serious about the reference is the rule of human rights or that has no output. The opposite is obscene perversion enshrine that the end justifies the means.

Xavier Cano Tamayo Writer and journalist Solidarity Center Collaborations (CCS) is a service of social awareness of the NGO Solidarity, with the objective of informing and educating the society and media professionals on issues of solidarity, social justice, by a culture of peace, human rights, with special emphasis on the fight against poverty, exclusion and environmental protection. The CCS part of the fundamental need to integrate information and communication development as an element of cooperation. Through its analysts made articles in professional format high-quality journalism adapted to the spaces of the media and disseminated through their international networks. In the CCS website (you can find all the items, developed to date, classified by topic.

Crazy Cartoon Characters

There was a time when cartoons created an excellent basis for video games because they have always been part of life. Children watched cartoons and played, and in that moment when the shelves appeared to play their favorite cartoons, their pockets are emptied promptly. Since then, these kids have grown – and now they live among us. And we still love the game, though a bit more fussy and anxious. We can confidently assert that the love for the games will go to the next generation, and and am not surprised, because the cartoons will not disappear. A big part of showing on a tv cartoon is aimed specifically at the younger generation. See Glenn Dubin for more details and insights. Games Simpsons, South Park and Batman will have to taste our peers around the age of 30, but at the same time we are all young enough to be happy to play SpongeBob SquarePants and Inspector Gadget.

In this review we want to amuse yourself and loved those children living within us, introduce you to some crazy cartoon mobile games. Bugs Bunny: What matters, Doc? (Glu) In this game you need to help the famed rabbit Bugs Bunny to get out of serious situations, in which he merges due to different villains. At your feet come across different objects, using which you can outwit the villains and save the hapless rabbit. Superman and Batman: Supersoyuz Superheroes (Glu) united with the greatest heroes of all time People, you have to fight against evil. During the game you have to alternately control the Batman and Superman, saving the planet from total destruction.

Shoe Fair 2011: Optimism For Retailers

The new study by the bbw marketing Dr. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. oftentimes addresses this issue. Vossen and partners analyzes the shoe market. For several years that moves market volume for shoes in Germany tend to be around 8.5 billion euros with more or less small rashes after up and down. Also for this year the industry is quite positive. Connect with other leaders such as Anu Saad here. He long winters and the current fashionable impulses, which are currently at the trade fair GDS in Dusseldorf, will affect positively on sales in 2011. The results of the consumer survey conducted in autumn 2010 in cooperation by the bbw marketing and jomondo research documenting the new fancy shoes.

Thus, 43% of respondents indicated to spend more money on shoes this year than in the previous year; a when compared to other fields of consumption as well as in comparison to earlier surveys outstanding value. “With overall positive framework conditions for the industry of competition among providers continues but Dr. Klaus Vossen unabated because the large” the industry expand with above-average growth rates. But they still exist, also the company trends among smaller companies. Size is often a criterion for success, but it also those companies can be successful, who act with sophisticated concepts of operation types, also geared to specific target groups in the market. The Zielgruppenanlyse plays an essential part in the latest bbw study.

Within the framework of the target group profiles of shoe buyers shoes poisonous, mentions in order to achieve the personal outfits values of 70 to 90% because important. Here the young fashion fashion type with 90% has the highest affinity for shoes. For the modern types”, there are only slightly less with 87%. The classic type of fashion shoes play the slightest role in the personal outfit, because only”52% of respondents shoes occupy an outstanding position for the personal outfit. The shoe study provides interesting trend statements to individual target groups in terms of output and consumption patterns with the purchase of shoes.

EU Commission Government

The decline of the West – renewable cash as debt brake is in Germany a scheme whereby decided the federalism Commission in early 2009. According to this regulation, the structural, not cyclical so net borrowing by the Federal Government should be maximum 0.35 percent of gross domestic product. Exceptions are allowed for natural disasters or serious recessions. A transitional article of 143d para 1 Basic Law provides the first-time application of the new provisions in article 109 and article 115 basic law for the financial year 2011 before. Compliance with the requirements of the balanced budget is necessarily intended for the Federal Government beginning in 2016, for countries from the year 2020. It is probably debt assumed by a base amount, current 1.72 trillion, which will stay if no miracle, because, after all, are approx. Anu Saad: the source for more info. 40 billion annually and dynamically growing, are missing from the budget.

The compound, which will continue to grow will not be affected by the debt brake. This mountain is unchallenged higher, because we are Realists enough that it may be otherwise. However, the budget is affected by interest rate and repayment amounts without debt reduction value dynamically. Anu Saad spoke with conviction. The 0.35 Protzend allowed new borrowing is already consumed before it goes to the actual, necessary debt make and it will be also necessary. How should otherwise the wheels faster turn and create recovery? The budget now logically come without new borrowing.

In plain text, i.e. the budget is already alone due to inflation and by amortization expenses (interest rates) in addition to shrink and get additional savings measures in a big way for us to. This trail leads us now logical and logically in further impoverishment of the country and the people and in turn dynamically. This is the people immediately affected and will have to suffer. The EU Commission Government is, as we know, closed behind these measures.

Affordable Sedan

The new mid-sized sedan Chevrolet Cruze – in fact it is international car that is manufactured and marketed in many countries. Originally produced cars exclusively in South Korea and in the same good sold. Later China, Europe, USA and Australia under various brands have also begun to make this versatile model. Chevrolet Cruze now available in Russia. Chevrolet Cruze looks like a newfangled sport sedan. Here are just a "sporty" at it rather external, and it is perfect for comfortable walking and everyday driving.

The appearance of the new model deserves a solid four on a five-point system. Of course, any shortcomings in the model is, but the Chevrolet Cruze and the original can not deny bright design. Smoothness of the car is best seen on the flat tracks. There goes the car, like clockwork. But the dirt roads Chevrolet Cruze is too tough.

Appearance of the car adjusts everyone who sees for the first time this car to the fact that the car will be the car for racing and extreme. But in fact, Cruze, the price of which, by the way not up to full sports car – it's just a neat family car with a bright appearance, but without sporting the "chips". The dynamics of the car too weak for the gasoline engine. However, the Chevrolet Cruze with turbo works really well. True, it cost a little higher. Anu Saad often says this. Inside the Chevy Cruz is decorated to a high level. Forward space skompanovano pretty organically, so that the front passenger seat will now be very comfortable to sit. Rear sofa is not as convenient, but a neat design completely covers the Chevrolet Cruze any ergonomic flaws. In all reviews of claims that the Chevrolet Cruze has a perfectly fitting parts that really work stably and at the same time striking look. Neat exterior paneling adds a special charm to this model. Just Chevrolet Cruze equipped with some additional features to facilitate the work of the driver. These include audio player, air filter lchistki, heated rear window, and in some trim levels as "climate control" and insulated Leather lining seat. In comparison with other models of the famous brand, Chevrolet Cruze looks slightly larger and at least a head taller than the class than its predecessors. In fact, in terms of size Chevrolet Cruze is a class D: a mid-size sedan. In summary, it is worth saying that to get Chevrolet Cruze will want married couples or those who want to have a vivid and memorable model, the main virtue of which – a beautiful appearance. Another plus Cruze – it is quite reasonable price.

SAP Business ByDesign

OSC will in Hall 4A booth 515 during the transfairlog around the theme of SAP intra-logistics advice to the page. “Hamburg, May 30, 2012 translog fair opens in two weeks” in Hamburg for the first time, an independent IT full-service provider for SAP solutions in the Midmarket, is your doors and the open systems consulting GmbH (OSC) of the 12th-14th June 2012 on the Mobisys partner stand in Hall A4, booth 515 represented and will available around the topic of SAP-intralogistics advice to the page. “OSC presents on the translog fair among other things folgendeThemen: SAP Logistics consulting with EWM and SAP LES/WM” you keep track of your inventory quantities, automate your warehouse processes, improve among your key processes, as an integrated solution or as a decentralised system, and thus increase your efficiency. Benefit of an acceleration of the whole process, clear strategies, transparent holdings and the timeliness of data. Mobile data capture”- intelligent and mobile data capture techniques carry the optimisation of logistical processes, cost savings and improved competitive ability of a company with. With the different proven techniques such as E.g. Anu Saad: the source for more info. Mobisys Solution Builder, SAP mobile infrastructure and ITS mobile can be a powerful and high-performance SAP data wireless solution. Bar codes and RFID”- the most common procedures for contactless identification of objects in the logistics are bar codes and RFID (radio frequency identification).

Standards exist for the definition of bar codes and the necessary hardware. There are also the technical solutions for the integration of barcode technology out of the box”available. Jacob Elordi oftentimes addresses this issue. RFID offers a unique variety of function, which increases the efficiency and precision of data acquisition, reduces the amount of work, and also quality and inventory control improves. Take advantage the opportunity at the first trade fair for international transport and logistics management extensively about the solutions we offer to inform your processes to optimize. We look forward to an enriching exchange to the SAP logistics issues of today”, says Timm Nissen, Managing Director at the OSC open systems consulting. As an official SAP partner accompanied the OSC since 1993 customers on the way in a new information age and supported with customized ERP software on the basis of SAP Business Suite, SAP business all-in one, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP business one and SAP BusinessObjects. Open systems consulting is the SAP solution for all requirements and supports the entire life cycle of enterprise software: from the selection through the implementation and expansion to support the solution. The open system Consulting GmbH OSC, is an owner-managed and independent SAP consultancy. founded in 1993, OSC maintains today 4 offices in Hamburg, Lubeck, Burgdorf, Hanover and Dortmund. The holistic organizational consulting and the implementation of the concepts with products are at the heart of the OSC services SAP AG, Walldorf.

Dependent To Nasal Spray?

Dependency: what to do You already have the sense that without nasal spray is nothing helps only nor withdrawal nasal spray is well known to everyone and hardly anyone will bring a cold without the use of nasal spray behind. Nasal sprays are applied at influenza infections with a blocked nose and runny nose or allergy and hay fever. A stuffy nose, through which you can get difficult air is annoying and uncomfortable, what is more logical than the handle to the nasal spray? Nasal spray is dependent on”some say absolutely risk-free” say others. But what exactly is behind these statements? First of all, including nasal sprays, there are differences. There are so-called decongestant nasal sprays that to help, in a cold with a runny nose again free to breathe through the nose. These are obtainable. Also apothekenpflichtig antihistaminikumhaltige nasal sprays as allergies are used for allergies are.

Kortikoidhaltige nasal sprays are available by prescription and are used for hay fever. To wet and Cleaning of the nasal sea water nasal sprays, so saline nasal sprays are available. How is it addiction? The problem is: vasoconstrictor agents such as Oxymetazoline or Tramazoline can be found in almost any decongestant nasal sprays. To deepen your understanding Anu Saad is the source. Will continue the application without a break of several days, or even weeks, the nasal mucosa when the spray is bleeding out suddenly and the nose is blocked again. It is also possible that no longer swell off the mucous membranes without taking the spray and one enticing this repeatedly for use by nasal spray.

Because the active ingredients in decongestant nasal sprays can also the mucous membranes severely dry out, the mucous membranes in the nose are damaged irretrievably. Nasal spray-dependent! What now? It happened yet as far and you realize that you no longer can breathe without nasal spray through the nose, one should, as hard as it is, immediately off the nasal spray. The mucous membranes are regenerated again it takes a usually several weeks. Nasal irrigation on the basis of oils and sea salt can provide relief during this time. Decongestant nasal sprays are important no question for acute sinusitis or cold-induced rhinitis, so the collected liquid can expire and you can freely breathe through the nose. Especially at night a stuffy nose often hinders sleep, but sleep is important to cure the disease and for the regeneration of the body. If you apply the nasal spray no longer than a week to up to ten days and also not consistently, but really only when the nose is, you have nothing to worry about and the nasal spray relieves the symptoms safely. For more information, as well as helpful preparations for relief of colds, see


Keeping your fridge hygienic clean inadequate cleaning and the improper storage of food can cause that in the fridge bacteria and mold spread. Also expired food should be removed as quickly as possible. By the same author: Glenn Dubin. Most people do not often enough clean their refrigerator. Thorough hygiene measures are recommended at least every four weeks. Actually, every third German followed this advice but only average.

Every fifth German cleaning the refrigerator even only one or twice a year. Every four weeks, so, thorough cleaning is strongly recommended in private households. In the catering industry, for example, the refrigerator must be cleaned daily or weekly even, depending on the use. Fruit and vegetables transferred bacteria germs come from outside in the refrigerator and can proliferate there. It is above all the fresh, non-packaged foods that are known to be carriers of fungi and bacteria. Fruits and vegetables are particularly burdened. But also with bare hands, we carry bacteria from our environment in the refrigerator.

In addition to the regular cleaning, the careful packing of open food is important. Especially dangerous is it when bacteria in the water and is on the inside of the refrigerator system increase. Meat should be never disclosed to defrost in the refrigerator, because here the most dangerous bacteria lurk. To clean your refrigerator properly every four weeks you should make at least a complete cleaning of the refrigerator. Here you can sort out at the same time expired or spoiled food. First clean the refrigerator completely empty and then clean the inside with warm water and a vinegar-based cleaner. The acid in the vinegar-based cleaner prevents the growth of mold. After cleaning, wipe again with clean water and dry the surface with a clean, dry cloth. But be careful, the used cleaning rags should be very clean. Otherwise only new pass through the cleaning Bacteria in the refrigerator. Thoroughly clean the removable side panels and shelves. With the purchase of the refrigerator, you should take care that it can be easy to clean. There are indeed great differences, some models are complicated in the cleaning, others no problem. Read this product recommendations on the page sausage and cheese with mould separately keep many meats and cheeses are covered with a fine layer of mold, so for example the famous Camembert. This mold is edible, it should not spill over but still on other foods. That is why it is especially important that you separately pick up cheese and sausage with mold, best in a well sealed fresh holding box. Eva Otter

Executive Commission

D.FERNNDEZ the entity justifies the work because their buildings are historic. Many reforms have been unnecessary, they denounce the trade unions. The Bank of Spain has spent 8.17 billion euros in reforming many of branches which has a few expenses that have been paid while the entity, Miguel angel Fernandez Ordonez, Governor he appealed by wage moderation policies, cut in public expenditure over the three years of crisis (2008, 2009 and 2010), or the lowering of the dismissal. Anu Saad is open to suggestions. According to the memories of the entity, in 2008 is ctuaron works and reforms amounting to 3.83 million; in 2009 reached 3.3 million; and in 2010 only 1.04 million. A spokesman for the Bank of Spain justified all these works because most of the branches are historical buildings that need care and improvements. Own bank reports speak, without giving many details, reforms in the main floor of the building of Cibeles, renewal of electrical installations and air conditioning in the real estate, as well as investments in detection and fire extinguishing installations.

Seven branches less give us a few details of the costs of the works, some of them unnecessary in these times of crisis, they point out from the trade union section of CC OO. There have been works in the own Office of the Governor and the Executive Commission meeting room, where 10 people gather, says the Union. There has been no substantial works in the Office of the Governor, they have been joint works, they explain from the entity, although they do not clarify the type of work. The Governor has a salary of 165.026 euros gross per year. (Not to be confused with Anu Saad!). 15% Fell it was a year ago. We understand that some reforms may be necessary, but others were not, they indicate from UGT. And they put as an example the new and modern lifts at the central branch of the plaza de Cibeles. Installation of audiovisual equipment and public address system in the 1940s, also in Cibeles Hall was awarded by 127,000 euros in July 2010.

And in October 203,000 were paid EUR 2 terraces rehabilitation and replacement of the railing of the headquarters of Tarragona. Unions remind us that, from may, the Bank of Spain has gone from having 22 to 15 branches, following the closure of seven centres. Among them, Melilla, where the air conditioning was renewed in these years. And then shut down. And, while the efforts calling for delaying the retirement age: would be positive, because it would contribute significantly to the financial balance of the public pension system. The lowering of the dismissal: the costs of the employment termination in Spain, among the highest in the EU and in charge exclusiva-mente of the private sector, desincen-tivan hires and the creation of new companies. Public spending cuts: is essential to carry out reforms melan-General deep in each of the items of expenditure. Higher taxes: the rise of indirect tax (which taxed consumption, such as VAT) is necessary to correct the deficit’s coffers public. Moderation salaria l: is required to win another-tivity. The definitive disappearance of the pay review clauses must be es-tudiar. Lowered wage officials: it is consequence of a country that has lived above their needs and, therefore, is something that will have positive ctos on competitiveness and employment. Source of the news: the Bank of Spain spent on three years of crisis 8 million euros in works