JeeCam Communication Server

Innovative C interpreter makes it possible: mosoltec offers industry leader Adobe forehead topical product by Jeecam “with the C interpreter can add user function extensions and applications to the jeeCam communication server in the C programming language. “The C interpreter extended the jeeCam server a lot, because so far we were able to offer enhancements only in the ActionScript classes 2 and 3” says Lars Heuer, owner of mosoltec systems. The low-level C programming language also gives a speed advantage and a significantly increased stability over competing Java-based products. JeeCam is the only Flash server with a C interpreter on the market. Jeecam offers communication server with C interpreter new in version 2.2 is, next to the C interpreter, about 500 pages and understandable designed documentation for any conceivable usage purpose. An expensive user training is not necessary.

In addition, Flash – and AAC streaming, and AV-video or AV chat, are supported. The server is easy to use, quick to install and offers a unique price/performance ratio in two pricing models. A less expensive solution for 990 euros, however limited to 500 connections simultaneously and for 2.499,-euros with many unlimited connections. The limited version can be upgraded using upgrade at any time to unlimited connections. communicationserver.htm Jeecam’s Flash server or Media Server offers Adobe forehead mosoltec wants to set the Flash server – market standards and Adobe defying the former monopolists. The offer is aimed at companies that want to transport interactive media content on the Internet, already do this, or expand your streaming server capacity. jeeCamFlashServerPS.pdf. A Flash is an environment that is stored on a server for Flash-based sites and applications server.

Of course, individuals can use the jeeCam communication server and, with up to 5 connections at the same time, completely free of charge. The idea stemmed from the Chief programmer and fish lovers the company mosoltec. Driven by thoughts of monopolists and faulty opensource he had the idea to develop a Flash server that stands out in the market such as the blue fish in his pond solutions, at the sight of his blue favorite fish. The innovative Flash server – solution is a product of the company, founded in 2004 mosoltec. mosoltec Heuer technology as a software vendor and System Integrator specializes in virtual communication. Also the customization or development of the solutions offered in addition to the consulting and integration. Rewarded was the work with awards such as for example the Innovation Award 2007, which was presented at the CeBIT.