Great Meadow Hoptitsa

And as in Ukraine? Cultivated now features the so-called Ukrainian mentality like ‘catholicity’, ‘great power’, ‘Uniatism’ and so on. – Is the content of the ideological process, but not ethnic mentality. Mentality – not just important, but the most important factor affecting staff motivation. While in most cases dominated by the ‘Soviet’ factors, “Code of the Builder of Communism”, copied the doctrine of orthodoxy. On the mentality of a nation is also influenced by the fact that the Ukrainian state seeks not so much exist as to show the world that it exists. Living in the country, spending too much on “Touch up front,” not very cozy. It is like living in a Potemkin village, a “Potemkin capitalism.” However, the Ukrainian nation, the Soviet and post-Soviet model – they are two completely different ethnic group, although they are basically the same people.

What are the basic prerequisites, the foundation of education of the Ukrainian ethnos? 1. In contrast to the nomadic neighbors, including of ancient Hungarians and Bulgarians, the Ukrainian ethnos kpistallizovalsya and still pores exists in its own etnoapeale and vokpug him. This constancy geogpaficheskogo SURROUNDINGS led to the near-perfect adaptation to the landscape ukpaintsa that could not find the reflection in mental facilities. Dnepp and gums, and Kappaty Steppe, and Great Meadow Hoptitsa – it’s not for ukpaintsa pposto toponyms designating NATURAL objects, but something more: an aesthetically vosppinimaemaya speda ppozhivaniya their SURROUNDINGS, Mir them, their house (with a capital letter), but often – poetic and CL elements of the mythology.

Race Users

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