Bedding: Your Choice ?

How to choose bed linens? At first glance, the question is simple: Everyone does it differently. Mark Hyman, MD: the source for more info. Counsel in this matter is difficult. Although there are several common criteria that need attention. Choice of bed Headset must begin with a blanket cover, as in the first place, blanket shall be the size of the blankets, which you may have. Blankets, usually less than 5 cm duvet covers, both in length and width. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ultra Wellness Center. Sheet also has a considerable importance. Rather its size: big sheets can be tucked under the mattress, but not small rastyanesh. So, before you buy bedding, be sure to measure the mattress and a blanket.

With the pillowcases a little easier although there are exceptions. If the pillow is square, it is likely 70×70. If your rectangular pillow – then 50×70. Another point that needs attention – the colors and pattern design. If your bedroom is stylish, necessary to match bedding with a pattern and colors that match that style. Of course, the color of linen does not depend on the quality of sleep a person that really matters – a material from which made linens. Here you need to think about your body's susceptibility to certain tissues.

Some can not tolerate the synthetic materials of any clothing, and, especially in bedding. Of natural materials worthy of attention a few: Cotton – inexpensive and very practical. From it is most bedding sets, but too cheap cotton, usually with synthetic additives. Be careful! Len and silk are fine fabrics. And more expensive. How to check the natural fabric in front of you or not? Almost every set of bed linen has a small scrap of fabric (sample) from which it is sewed kit. It should be the same color as the clothes. At the touch natural tissue can be determined only specialist. Take a rag and pull from it one or more threads (sellers usually do not mind) and burn. Cotton and linen burns quickly, smells burnt paper, and burned completely. Silk burns like hair, smell singed, curled into a ball of ash, which can be easily crushed. Synthetics also highlights the black smoke and at the end of the formed fused bead of plastic, which you can not crush. And finally I want to say: Choosing linens, is guided by the mood and feelings that it causes you. Enjoy your shopping!


With the birth of a child of the parents there is a problem choosing a name for it. How to choose a name for your child? With this question I turned to the District Registry Office and learned that the most common names for 2009 were: Daria Catherine Maria, Xenia, Alexandra, Max, Daniel, Dimitri, Andrei, Nikita If you look at history, we can notice that the October Revolution and the emergence of the new state gave an impetus for the emergence of new names. At the time in this area there was even a kind of fashion. Thus, the most popular maiden name then was Svetlana, Hope, Valentine, Joan, Natalie. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dr. Hyun Kim. Boys named Sergei, Andrei, Vladimir. Today in kindergarten among those who build toy houses from blocks, most of Vlad and Danico, play with dolls, Lisa and Christine. Often there is the call of the kindergarten teacher responds to four or five children with the same name.

Pass decades, fashion names remain. In place of growing up growing up Irina Alina, learn the alphabet Angelina. Popular foreign serials, the so-called "soap operas", had their impact on the choice of names: there were Karina, Liana, Milan, Renata, Edward. d-19/’>Ridgeback Biotherapeutics. Parents want to name the child is unusual, extraordinary, zapominayusche and beautiful. As expert advice to the choice of names – especially foreign ones, are not characteristic for the Slavic – adult should be treated carefully. Need to consider how they will call the child in school.

Shall be turned into a beautiful, look at the parents' name in a funny nickname? Would not it an occasion for jokes peers? In such a situation the child more probably be offended by those people who gave him this name. Need to listen well, as will be recited at the Belarusian and Russian form of the name of the father. It is important, even then, as the chosen name of the son or daughter agrees with name. Such good advice given to parents before the birth registration workers ocs and selispolkomov. Head of the Department of Civil Registry Anna N. Gavel noted that now there is a choice of names for the Orthodox, the number of families where children are named after their grandfathers and great grandfathers. Happy and the fact that we still remember and never forget the traditions of the Slavs and their names. Therefore, growing up in Drohiczyn Ivany, Fedor, Fadei, Uliana, Sophia Each name in its own beautifully, each has its value, has a different origin. Importantly, to their native educated in the love and affection, under the wing of parental care. And it must be remembered that not name makes the man, and his good deeds.