Arthritis – an inflammatory disease of the joints – one of the most common causes of disability among adults. This disease affects roughly one in six people in the world. Distinguish many kinds of arthritis, but all of them associated with strong, sometimes not tolerated by joint pain. Such pains are especially acute when driving, so often patients are forced to restrict their mobility. In some cases, over the joint occurs swelling, redness, meets the same change in the shape of the joint. The disease affects one joint (monoartrit) and several at once (polyarthritis). The most common causes of arthritis: trauma, nerve damage, vitamin deficiency, infection, metabolic disorder.

The disease is distinguished by the degree of intensity, it can start suddenly, accompanied by sharp pains, or develop gradually, adding to a process flow. Half of those who suffer from arthritis, sincerely believe that their illness is incurable. Well, they are close to the truth, except for one thing: disappearing without a trace, as ODS, such as arthritis may not, but to remove or at least alleviate the symptoms of modern medicine by force. Physicians practicing a holistic approach to the treatment of arthritis: first, the appointment of medical policy, and secondly, non-pharmacological treatments, and water: they can withdraw the entire load on the muscles and normalize blood flow. With the same purpose heattherapy practice. Arthritis cure completely, but it does not mean that a person with such a diagnosis is forced to constantly test pain and forget about the joys of life forever.

Every patient should know that the power to relieve the unpleasant symptoms independently at home. And for this he needed quite a bit: to reduce the load on painful joints and normalize the blood circulation. People with arthritis are well aware of how difficult it is to find a 'painless' sleeping position: inflamed joints do not allow yourself to forget, even at night. Because of this we have to toss and turn in This is due to the fact that the surface of the bed presses against the body during sleep, increasing the load on the joints, which in turn provokes the pain and the need to change position. All this can be easily avoided. Try … just replace the regular mattress on the water. Judge for yourself: Water Gives Way for body weight, and of no pressure, there can be no question. So the happy owners of water mattresses have a rare opportunity to sleep without pain, Even with the disappointing diagnosed with arthritis' in the medical record. More often, patients with inflammation of the joints suffer from hypothermia, because the cold can cause a dramatic worsening of the disease. People whose families are sick arthritis, probably noticed how warm they wrap up during sleep. Wool socks and warm blankets – the constant companion of the patient with arthritis, because the cold – the first enemy of inflamed joints. But even in these circumstances is hardly there is a better solution than to buy a water mattress: it is equipped with an electric heater, which allows you to continuously maintain the required temperature in the bed. Heat transferred the body, improves blood circulation, which allows our body to repair itself. In short, vodomatras solve many problems associated with inflammation of the joints and make the patient's life much more comfortable.

Typhus – An Infectious Disease

The source of infection is sick with typhus, from last day of incubation, during the febrile period and up to 06/08/10 days after lowering the temperature. Carrier of infection-cootie.

In the past, were common (sporadic) disease outbreaks and mass epidemic. Currently typhus in many countries is not observed. Contaminated R. prowazeki louse can transmit typhus healthy person only 5-7 days after she becomes infected blood typhus patients. During this period the rickettsiae multiply in the epithelial cells of the intestinal wall and lice, getting in her gut lumen, are ejected from the feces. However, if you ever had any sorts of history related to you health or if you have ever had an allergic reaction to it or to its ingredient.2) on sale here sildenafil pill can decrease the blood flow to the reproductive organs and nourishes the nerves and internal organs. If you suspect you tadalafil 40mg india have an ectopic pregnancy call your doctor or go to A&E immediately. It is another form of prescription order viagra without . These medicines provide body with strength & stamina to body for cheapest cialis required erection. Infected louse can transmit the infection during throughout his life, which is the maximum extends to 40 days. The mechanism of infection is that infected lice feces containing rickettsiae, scratching at the sting rubbed into the skin. The causative agent of typhus, getting into the body, worn over-flow of blood in internal organs, where it begins to multiply rapidly in endothelial cells of blood capillaries of the brain and the medulla, adrenal gland, skin, heart muscle development of a universal thrombosis, endoperivaskulita.

Clinic. The incubation period ranges from 6 to 23 days, averaging 10-14 days, and sometimes there may be a prodromal period characterized by poor appetite, fatigue, dull pain in the muscles, a small headache, sometimes subfebrile temperature onset of the disease is accompanied by fairly strong chills followed by fever for 2 days 1.5 to 39-40 , with Every hour of growing painful throbbing headache, weakness, fatigue, muscle aches. Febrile period lasts an average of 10 -11 days, sometimes less, sometimes more than the same specified amount.