Construction Companies

The present work initiates with the current situation of management and control for the construction companies in relation to the environment, therefore in the majority this branch of work is considered unbalanced, in such a way technologically as in the management, when compared with other sectors. The lack of referencial in other construction companies and the sped up growth in the branch leave to mainly desire to the relation with the environment and the attendance to the applicable legal requirements. The main objective of the work is to elaborate a metodolgica systematics for the implementation of a System of the Ambient Management with practical applications in the construction work. Thus, the construction companies can use the work to carry through the implementation of a system of the ambient management, not necessarily for a certification in an agency certifier, but to get one better control and management of all its aspects and potentials ambient impacts in the construction workmanships, focando all the stages of a workmanship, taking care of all the applicable legal requirements and keeping a continuous improvement in its activities, what it will ahead increase its acceptability of a competitive and demanding market. Word-Key: Construction, System of Management, Planning, Management. ABSTRACT This work begins with the current situation of management and control by construction companies in relation you the environment, because this line of work is considered barks, both technologically and in management, when it is compared you other sectors. The lack of reference in to other construction companies and fast growth in the industry leaves much you be desired the relationship you the environment and mainly the attention you applicable legal requirements. If you would like to know more then you should visit Bessel van der Kolk. The main objective of this work is you develop systematic methodology will be the implementation of an Environmental Management System with applications in construction work..

Ecology And Environment

The ecology nothing has to see with the ambientalistas movements. Ecologists are scientists who study the ecology and cannot confuse with ativismo defending politician of the environment. Who runs risks in this meaning in special is the environment, the ecosystems and the proper nature. One is about a branch of Biological sciences that studies this nature. Teia Trfica, for example, is constituted by interlaced alimentary chains that I eat in all ecological nature has relation that it includes at least two individuals that can be harmonic or disharmonous.

It had a process of coevoluo in the adaptations of predators and female prisoners, each one with its style and proper instinct. The water is one link common between biomas and has covered therefore, most of the biosfera. Without water the majority of the life forms would be incapable to live. The ecosystems suffer gradual modifications throughout the time and thus they increase the species. There are many causes the human body develops Trigger things such as accident order levitra or injury, birth trauma, overexertion and bad posture. Also people today know the power of nature regarding eternal youth and health, especially people living in harmony with nature levitra on line in natural environments such as the Amazon. RECOMMDATION: It is advised to take one sachet of Neogra Oral Jelly 30-40 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. purchase viagra in australia Sildenafil citrate is the key ingredient of discount viagra pills into kamagra let the patients avail a high quality medicine without any prescription. The ecological succession is a process by means of which vegetal and animal species substitute others in data place of the biological community and keep thus a primary and secondary instability. All ecological process in secular and space scales proper such as: hours, weeks, months or years, and, millimeters, meters or kilometers. The concept of ecological succession, time and space in the ecological processes allow clearly to understand ‘ ‘ dinamismo’ ‘ of the nature. The relations are not necessarily linear and previsible.

Small changes in an 0 variable can have unexpected consequences in the system. Beyond it influences of these natural mechanisms, has the origin influence human being. The aquatic ecosystem has influence consequently and multiple balances and changes in the natural processes. In this direction one becomes complicated to speak in ‘ ‘ balance of natureza’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ balance of ecossistema’ ‘. The human beings are an important part of the biosfera.