Winter Fishing

Nearby time according to winter anglers yearning foot on first ice. So at this point in the off-season, most of the time to "inventory" of winter gear and accessories that make supply all needed to meet generally armed with ice fishing. That the angler must have in winter, except for fishing rods? That must exist in its "arsenal"? This article of the main accessories for winter fishing and requirements to them. Additional information is available at Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Ice chisel. First ice fishing occurs as the saddle on the narrow ice – it's the most exciting time when almost all the fish are biting.

However, this time and the most dangerous: the ice is strong enough yet, and the angler in the search space is ready to get catchability according to him anywhere. Here and waiting for a threat. And to avoid potential problems and unjustified notch, need to continuously ispytyvatnezyblemost ice. That's when needed ice chisel. Accordingly, it is elementary pervoledyu needed.

Need to take it a saddle: not to do according to ice and the step no checking the solidity of its impact cessfully. But this is not the main purpose of picks. Its main mission – to punch holes. Depending on the design of the tip of the shock stakes picks are seen in the form of bits, spatula, peaks, narrow and long. Spatula, have all chances to be as straight and rounded that way. One ice chisel outright cutting into the ice, different cuts small pieces, third – the big rocks. How to choose – all a matter of taste.