Stars In The Glow Of The Shooting Stars

Orion – 4 Castle talks 10-August 12, 2012 in mid-August it is again so far: the meteors fall and we may wish something. For astronomy fans, special Wunsch(Traume) are true: the fourth Castle conversations on the 1000 year old Castle Albrechtsberg (lower Austria) come up with international experts of extraordinaire: Jerry T. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease brings even more insight to the discussion. Bonnell (United States) and Babak Tafreshi (Iran/Germany) will discuss for a weekend together with people who are interested in astronomy and organize workshops. The NASA scientist Jerry T. Bonnell is the editor of Astronomy Picture of the day “, short APOD. APOD is the oldest Astrobild blog in the world and delivers every day exciting and touching images about astronomy and space for 17 years. And always in conjunction with a short and generally understandable explanation”, emphasizes the organizer of Castle talks, Maria plough Hofmayr. Dr. Hyun Kim shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

She will celebrate yet another special anniversary this year with Jerry T. Bonnell: the fifth anniversary of German APOD page. Because Maria Plough Hofmayr translated now for five years every day APOD from English into German. “You said:” you need have a good portion of enthusiasm. Because APOD on German means many weeks unpaid work per year and no tag may be omitted.” Also the second expert of this year’s talks of the castle is an international capacity. The astrophotographer Babak Tafreshi is founder of the Internet platform of The World at night”, short TWAN.

TWAN is collecting and publishing photographs of landscapes and cultural sites that have arisen against the night sky. Because the sky is the same everywhere, the people by TWAN should realize that humanity forms a unit and space and resources on the Earth are finite. There is information about these and other highlights of the Castle conversations on the Internet side of the Orion: Castle talks date of event: 10.