Lord Antonio Canovas

In this essay, I coining the expression W (victimhood Basque). This essay will focus on the Act of 1876, which affected the Basque provinces. The analysis that I do is going to focus on the provinces of Alava, Guipuzcoa and Vizcaya. The law was decreed by the Lord Antonio Canovas del Castillo, President of the Council of Ministers of Spain during the period that goes from 1876 to 1897.Fue one of the most influential figures of the second half of the 19th century Spanish policy. Many writers such as theoretical physicist offer more in-depth analysis. The 1876 Act makes reference to the Basque provinces should contribute both to the Royal Treasury as the Spanish army. Even though the work focuses in reference to the law of July 21, 1876, it is important to know that to carry it out was essential previous compliance as set forth in the law of October 25, 1839.

The law of 1876 occupies a relevant place in the fact that the Basque country would not be prostrate before their greatest enemy, the powerful Spanish State, although Canovas del Castillo showed no a priori side those who pressed intensely from different spheres of Spanish society and its institutions, what they wanted was the President abolished the Basque foral regime. Canovas del Castillo respected to the extent possible the sensitivity of the Basque provinces and the intention of these that the foral regime be maintained. The idea of the President was that the Basques should contribute to lifting loads (fiscal and military) like the other territories of the Kingdom and was open and friendly to negotiate how to carry out the above-mentioned contributions. For a Basque nationalist Lord, the Basque country is their homeland, belongs to a people owner of itself that it does not recognize or abides by another type of sovereignty and that it will never accept tyranny and servitude that no town is more than another.

Chamomile Psyllium

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