How to Build a House

My husband and I by nature – the experimenters. Therefore, his house and decided to build themselves. Yeah, no construction crews. Practical knowledge in this area – an invaluable aid. But they rarely cover the entire layer of information required. K example, my husband built two summer cottages. But the cottage, you see – not the house, although in many aspects of this experience was very useful.

Where we were looking to build a house? Major sources were few. The first – as consultants invited friends, acquaintances, familiar friends, relatives, friends and acquaintances, etc.. In general, real people with real experience, you can ask questions and get more or less clear answer. Even better, if they are experts in some narrow field relevant to the building. For example, my classmate was high class installer of heating systems. With his help we chose the pipes and equipment for heating home with sophisticated unbiased advice, which, alas, in the shops is not always possible to achieve. Direct communication – the best option. But often such people are surrounded by rare.

Therefore used as option number two, ie Internet. Different kinds of forums in some way able to replace the dialogue with the specialist. Another source of knowledge – special Web sites devoted to real estate and / or construction. Well, if there is published information, not just collected over the network in one pile, and represents a realistic description of the phases experienced by the repair or construction, such as: site selection, construction materials, equipment and so on. Usually it is in these articles You can get answers to your most pressing questions. How to buy land without a realtor? What to look for when buying a home? How to determine where to drill wells? How to reduce spending on electricity? How to save your home warm during emergency outages of electricity and gas? Articles are based on actual experience, were a valuable source of information. Version of the third – the specialist literature. But if some of the fundamental issues, it can certainly help you in matters of new technologies, printed sources, alas, are lagging. Over time the book is written, corrected and published, a mass of indescribable experience with the publication of advanced technologies, is still mentioned in the book. Thus, any information, including the construction of their own home, you can actually find. "Look – and ye shall find."