Race Users

There is such a site, he said many of his, of course, know and do not just go from downloaded files, and many injected. Nancy-Ann_DeParle has plenty of information regarding this issue. So, those who started to upload files there, after a time they began to appear a good profit. What you need: – Have an interesting file – the file description and picture – to upload a file – to place on sites that allow you to post news (Obop.ru PC-soft.ru wara.ru super-warez.net). You pay money for your files to download. Race for 1000 you get $ 7 plus the 7 and 3 more dollar for 1000 race Russian users, and more than half of the users who will download your files. There is also another similar sites, such as Rapida, but on the deposit paid $ 7 for 1000 races, it is preferable to at rapid speeds, not to mention the Russian users. ABOVE ALL, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR WHAT IS NOT !!!!! You can certainly pay, if you want extra privileges.

But I did not pay and is not going to. To place your files on the sites – it it is not difficult. So you publish the program description and a link to the file. Many of these portals use the same engine, typing on a single site – in 15 minutes can add up to 8-10 similar portals. I just tell by their example, if you publish the number of downloads from one site is about 30 (40) (if a popular program, figure above).